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                             Happy Holidays!

It's about time we were getting into the Christmas spirit around here, so today while I was baking breads and cookies I was talking with some of my characters about the Twelve Days of Christmas. I asked Ari what a witch would have listed for the twelve gifts. She laughed at the idea of milking maids or lords a leaping, so I challenged her to come up with her own list.

And here it is...

 A Witch's Wish List for the Twelve Days of Christmas:

One Book of Shadows

Two scrying bowls

Three magic crystals

Four blessed cloths

Five conjured potions

Six amulets of power

Seven rhyming spells

Eight jars of herbals

Nine vials of holy water

Ten purified candles

Eleven kinds of incense

Twelve sister witches

     What? No partridges or pear trees? :) Thanks for stopping to read our Witch's Wish List!

Of course this isn't Ari's real list.
She says the only thing she wants under her tree is a certain tall, dark and sexy supper club owner. :)

What--or who--is on your Santa List



12/15/2013 11:31am

Of course she does!
My list? Already got it. My tall gray and handsome hubby, recovering nicely from surgery!! YES!

12/15/2013 11:42am

Wishing you & your hubby the best, Kath. Thx for stopping!!

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