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It's Wednesday and you know what that means ~ coffee & books! 
We're joined today by author Cindy Carroll.
Welcome, Cindy! May I pour you a cup of coffee?

CINDY: Yes, please! I like my coffee double double. Canadians will know what that is. :) It's double cream and double sugar.

Ally: Coming right up! In the meantime, why don't you share your bio with our readers and add something personal about yourself.

Bio:  A background in banking and IT doesn't allow much in the way of excitement so Cindy turns to writing stories that are a little dark and usually have a dead body. She writes screenplays, thrillers, urban fantasy and paranormals. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her fiancé and three cats. When she's not writing you can usually find her painting landscapes in oil or trying space paintings with spray paint.

Something personal? I
 love Nickelback. (Canadian rock band)

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Ally: When you and I first talked, you expected your urban fantasy to be released this month.  Unfortunately the release was delayed to March, which happens in this business, so much of what we do today will be a cover reveal and a sneak peek at the future. :) I love being the first to know, so let's talk about Almost Normal
What is the setting for your novel, and what type of characters live there?

CINDY:  Almost Normal is set in a fictional Ontario city based on Oakville, Ontario. It's full of culture, a lake shore, a beautiful downtown area with quaint shops and cafes. My main character is a cop, dedicated to the job with no desire for a social life. Her best friend is a little more flighty, likes to have fun and keeps her grounded. Everyone in her circle tries to draw her out, set her up, pull her into a social life she wants no part of. 

Ally:  So what super powers does your cop heroine possess? Why did you choose this power? How does it add to the story?

CINDY:  She's a shapeshifter. Actually I was trying to come up with a story idea for a call for submissions for shapeshifter stories. Once I started plotting it out I realized it would be great for the first book in a series so I had to come up with another story for that call for submission. Her shapeshifting ability helps her solve crimes. Her sense of smell and sight is much better than a normal person. 

Ally:  Do you write other genres? Is there something we could go buy today?

CINDY:  I do write in a lot of different genres. My first published story was a horror short story. I have two crime stories in an anthology. My urban fantasy is the first in a series, but I also have a paranormal series (with ghosts) on the go.
A couple of stories can be purchased on Amazon. Check out my author page: here.

Ally:  Where and when do you write? place, time of day?

CINDY:  The day job pays the bills for now so I write in the evenings usually in front of the TV on my laptop. Once I get my office set up (right now it's a storage room) I plan on writing in there. 

Ally:  Let's wind up with a few quick answer questions:
  •  a) spring or fall - spring because there's still summer to look forward to and it means winter is over.
  • b) favorite author, living or dead - Dean Koontz
  • c)  Do you have pets? If so, what? - we have three cats, but I consider myself the owner of six cats. Three of them live with my sister. She got custody when I moved out. :)
  • d) One item on your bucket list - Visit Australia
  • e) Last place you went shopping - Metro - grocery store.
Ally:  Cindy, it was a pleasure to have you visit. I hope you'll let me know when Almost Normal is released so I can pass the info to my readers. Now for the big reveal...

Sierra Sands is a detective with a secret, on the trail of a serial killer. Not only does she have to stop him before he can kill again but she also has to make sure her suspicious partner doesn't learn the truth about her. 

The truth is she's a shapeshifter.

Only two people know her secret. Her best friend thinks it's cool. Her sergeant keeps trying to figure out how he can use it to catch killers.

Unedited Excerpt:
        Walking in someone else’s shoes was hard.  That’s why Sierra always bought her own.  When her supervising officer marched towards her desk with that doom and gloom look on his face she knew a shopping trip was in her near future.  And she knew she wasn’t going to like it.

        “Sands, grab your jacket. We’ve got a live one.”

        The surprise was momentary.  She composed herself, grabbed her jacket off the back of the chair and jumped up.  The fact that Raymond was taking her to the hospital meant he wanted to use her special gift.  He called it a gift.  On good days she could bring herself to think of it as a gift.  Mostly she thought of it as a curse.  No one liked being a freak.  And no one liked the fact that the only reason they were alive while the rest of their family was dead was because they were a freak.  She pushed painful memories aside and followed her sergeant out of the station.

        In the car Raymond filled her in on the latest victim.

        “She’s alive, barely.  Best guess is that the killer was somehow interrupted and left her for dead.  Maybe she escaped.  We don’t know for sure.”

        “Still no physical evidence?”

        He shook his head, a worry line going through his forehead.  “Same as the others.  Almost.”

        She knew what he meant.  This guy hadn’t left any of them alive so far.  She wondered what could have interrupted him enough that he would leave before making sure she was dead.  Right now it didn’t matter.  It was the break they’d been looking for since they connected all the victims.

        When they arrived at the hospital they stopped outside the victim's room.  There was something her sergeant wasn't telling her.  And from the look on his face she wasn't going to like it.  Two officers flanked the door.  He wouldn't tell her until they were in the room.  

Watch for Cindy's book coming soon:



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