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I have my coffee--and I needed it today--but I'm ready for another author interview!
Today we're joined by Rebekah Ganiere, who writes paranormal and steampunk. 
How do you take your coffee, Rebekah?

REBEKAH:  I don't drink coffee, but I LOVE hot chocolate, which is ironic because I don't like chocolate. My kids say I make the best hot chocolate ever. Mostly because I make it with a Ton of creamer.

Ally: Okay, while I'm fixing your hot chocolate, why don't you introduce yourself to our readers?


Rebekah's love for stories began as a child with Shel Silverstein poetry. She began writing her own poetry and short stories in junior high and high school and then went on to study theater in college.  Ultimately she ended up going back to writing so she could stay at home with her kids. Rebekah is a member of Romance Writers of America as well as the Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal Chapter, her local Los Angeles, Orange County, and Young Adult chapters. When she isn't spending time telling the stories of the characters constantly chattering inside her head, you can find her hanging out with her husband, four children and menagerie of pets. A dog, a rabbit, 2 bearded dragons, 1 Russian Tortoise and 2 Leopard Tortoises. The escaped snake has yet to be located. 

Twitter: @VampWereZombie
Good Reads:

Ally:  Now you've shown them the official bio, tell us something unique about yourself you wouldn't ordinarily mention.

Oh wow! Uhm... I am secretly obsessed with Monster High dolls. I can't wait till my three daughters get sick of theirs so I can add them to my own small collection. My favorite is Weberella. The limited edition Comic Con one I got this last summer at Comic Con San Diego. It has all the creators signatures on her box.

Ally:  That is unique! And I'm not quite sure how we transition from that to writing, so let's just make the leap. :)  Tell us how you chose the genres you write. Are they the same ones you read? 

REBEKAH:  I write Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy and Steampunk. I read mostly in those genres and have loved fantasy since I was a child. I've always had a healthy obsession with vampires, from the time I was young and before it was commonplace. I don't know if I chose that genre or if it chose me. But growing up on Star Wars and Star Trek, Dragonlance and the Hobbit, I think it was just a place I identified with and loved. 

Ally:  Describe your writing cave: whether its an office, a corner in your bedroom, or just a place you have to go in your head to write. 

REBEKAH:  Oh man, my writing cave is my bedroom. I have an amazingly squishy foam bed that I love to sit on while I write.  It is usually surrounded by my kids that I homeschool, my writing books, and my two writing buddies, my leopard tortoises Hulk and Loki that are in their tank next to me. My television is always on with court TV, if I'm not listening to Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Katy Perry, Green Day, Live, 3 Doors Down or Broadway Musicals.

Ally:  All of our supernatural creatures have special powers of some kind. If you could choose, what power would you like to have and why? 

REBEKAH:  I would love to say I'd be a vampire, but honestly, I think drinking blood might make me sick. So, I think teleportation or telekinesis would be fun. I would love to move stuff with my mind. Or not have to sit in traffic.

Ally:  We all have favorite authors who either inspire or entertain us but very few that we reread. Do you have authors, living or dead, that you have read any/all of their books more than once? Who are they? 

REBEKAH:  C.S. Lewis, Edgar Allan, Shakespeare. J. R. R. Tolkien as well as L. Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll.

Ally:  Quick Answer Questions:
     a. pantser or plotter : Both. I Plot the points and Pants how everything gets there 
     b. favorite after 5 beverage : Shirley Temple
     c. last place you went on vacation : Comic Con San Diego. Best Vacation Ever!
     d. number of pets you have (and what they are) 7 - 1 dog, 2 Bearded Dragons, 1 Rabbit, 3 Tortoises
     e. favorite tv show (past or present) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ally: We've now arrived at one of my favorite parts of the Coffee Chat, the revealing of another book. Today's feature is Rebekah's latest release, Dead Awakenings.


Evaine, a struggling New York theater student, enters an unsanctioned drug trial in an effort to pay bills.  She awakens in a derelict hospital, chained to a bed with no memory of who she is, or how she got there.  A band of pale skinned men, led by the gorgeous Luca, burst in, whisking her away to safety. 

Once at Haven House, Evaine is introduced to The Family. Like them, she has become A Deader, a reanimated Undead.

Luca is hell-bent on stopping the experimentations, and killing those responsible. He has no time for a Newborn who is struggling to control her rages, hunger, and powers. Nor does he have the desire to deal with the feelings she's awakening within him.

Despite their best efforts, Evaine and Luca find their connection intensifying when suddenly, she remembers not only who she is, but also her fiancé, Tristan; who is still looking for her.  

Torn between her first love and her new heart’s desire, Evaine runs back to Tristan putting everyone in danger. When a rogue faction of Deaders, called Feeders, attempts to kidnap her, Luca suspects Evaine is the key to the experiments. 

Can everyone band together to keep Evaine off the cutting table of those she escaped from? Or will second death tear her away from everyone, for good?

Book trailer:

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