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We're talking paranormal today with a touch of romance!
Welcome, Patricia Layne! May I pour you a cup of coffee?

PATRICIA:  Unlike most of my coworkers, I don’t run on caffeine. In fact, I don’t drink coffee at all and soda only on rare occasions. My breakfast drink is orange juice, and I drink plain old water the rest of the day. That’s not to say I’ve given up caffeine altogether, because chocolate is an addition.

Ally: A little spring water coming right up. Why don't you tell readers something about yourself?


I’m a computer geek by day and a writer by night. I grew up amid the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, and use the area as a setting for much of my writing. I currently make my home in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, and think I might have been a mountain man in a previous life.

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Ally: Now for that moment of truth--something about yourself that's not in your bio.

I didn't touch my first computer until I was over 30. And no, I won't tell you how long ago that was. But I fell in love with the technology immediately, and ended up going back to school and earning a degree in networking technology. I got my first job in the computer field after I'd hit 40. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't re-invent yourself. 
Ally:  From computer geek to paranormal romance writer, how did you get into this genre?   

PATRICIA:  I never intended to write a paranormal romance. My previous book had been a mystery with a romantic element. I dreamt the prologue to Wolves’ Pawn, and the main character just wouldn’t let go of me, so I started it off as a short story. As I wrote, more and more of the story was revealed to me and I ended up with my book, Wolves’ Pawn.

Ally:  Tell us about the paranormal beings in your book.

PATRICIA:  The majority of my characters are shape shifters who shift into wolves. In  my world, shifters only get one form. But there is a sprinkling of other shifters who shift into the traditional forms of their birthplace-like the large lizards of the Hawaiian Islands.

Ally:  What makes your books unique from others in the field? 

PATRICIA:  The main character in Wolves’ Pawn is a strong, independent female who plays by her own rules, and sometimes makes them up as she goes along. I think the story deals with social issues more than most other books in this genre, and a whole lot less with sex. I made a point of not reading other shifter romances while I was writing the book to keep the story fresh in my mind. 

Ally:  What time of day and where do you do the majority of your writing? 

PATRICIA:  I do most of my writing in the evenings because I work a full-time, daytime job. The first book I wrote I mostly wrote out longhand and then transcribed it onto my computer. These days I do most of my writing sitting at my desk, at my computer, trying to ignore the internet, except when I need to research details. I kind of miss writing longhand, but editing is so much easier when you’re working with an electronic document.

Ally:  Ready for some quick answer questions?
  • favorite flower:  Lilacs. I love the smell.
  • favorite type of music:  Classic Rock or John Denver depending upon what kind of mood I'm in
  • the last meal you cooked:   I make this great chicken breast drenched in a melted butter/garlic mixture, and then coated in breadcrumbs with a variety of seasonings. Add a veggie of choice (last night it was green beans) a salad and some bread and it’s a quick and easy supper.
  • an item on your bucket list:  I don't have a bucket list. If I did, a week-long guided horseback trip in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains would be on it.
  • favorite childhood character in books, movies or folklore:  Favorite childhood character:  You don't want to know how may years ago that was. I'll say Daniel Boone. He's not exactly folklore, but there are enough wild stories about him that I think he counts.
Ally:  Thanks so much for joining us on the Coffee Chat. It's been fun meeting you! Before you go, please tell readers about your book and where they can find it.

Wolves’ Pawn blurb:

Dot McKenzie is a lone wolf-shifter on the run, using everything available to her to stay one step ahead of her pursuers. When she is offered a chance for friendship and safety with the Fairwood pack, she accepts.

Gavin Fairwood, reluctant heir for Fairwood pack leadership, is content to let life happen while he waits.  Old longings surface when he appoints himself as Dot’s protector and becomes more than a friend.

Dot goes into hiding again when her presence puts the pack and her new friends at risk. When those same forces threaten the destruction of the Fairwood pack, it will take the combined efforts of Dot and Gavin to save it. But can anything save their love and Dot’s life when she becomes a pawn in a pack leader’s deadly game?

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