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Good Morning!

   I'm answering one of my most frequently asked questions today: what do writers do between books? There's an obvious answer, but reality goes far beyond that.

                          WHAT DO WRITERS DO BETWEEN BOOKS?

    Release Day is over. The book is launched. Now what?

    First and most important is I'm writing the next book. Even before book five in my series was released, I had started on book six. At the same time, I was writing another urban fantasy involving elves which has now been submitted to a publisher for consideration.

   But what else do I do, writer-wise? I upload new posts to my urban fantasy blog at least twice a week, the same posts go on Facebook, Google plus, and Goodreads. Every day, I send out 10 - 20 tweets on Twitter: tweets about my blog posts or about my books and book reviews; retweets of writing tips and other authors' books; and occasional personal updates, often posted to hashtag #amwriting. I spend at least a few minutes daily responding to Twitter questions or mentions.

    I also answer readers' email questions, participate in blog hops, nag, I mean, ask people for reviews, arrange for book promotion, write posts for other blogs, and buy swag. The swag is one of the really fun parts. Here's the latest swag that came in the mail: pens with the Blood & Fire cover on them, and new bookmarks with all five current covers!

  There are a thousand little things that writers do almost every day. Research, editing, rewriting, plotting, etc. Oh, and I almost forgot, reading. Most of us are voracious readers, some books for enjoyment, but many for keeping up on our genre and the current publishing world. Writing is more consuming than a full-time job, and no one can do it all by themselves. But most of us try! :)

    So what can you do to help those hard working authors you love to read? Write reviews, at least on Goodreads and Amazon. Tell everyone you know about their wonderful books. Retweet, share blog posts. Anything you do will be appreciated by him or her, and with any luck, the karma will return to you a hundred fold! :) 

   Hmm, I wonder if I've forgotten anything really big. If so, I'm sure my writer friends will remind me...

              Thanks for stopping to chat. I hope you come back soon!


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