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Our Coffee Chat today welcomes Maggie Le Page with a book that can make you laugh and/or blush.
How do you take your coffee, Maggie?

MAGGIE: Trim cappuccino, chocolate on top, and make it a hot one please (not burnt - just hot) (don’t look at me like that! I know what I like!)

Ally: Yes, Ma'm. :) We'll do our best. Can you show folks your bio?
And don't forget to include something unique.


Maggie Le Page lives in Christchurch, New Zealand (aka QuakeZone) with her partner, two children, and a snooty cat who thinks they're all her slaves. Her days are spent running around after kids or doing one of her 'real' jobs, so her writing generally happens in the dead of night. (Morning? No. She’s a third-generation night owl. Enough said.)

She loves chocolate, hates being cold, and is ever fascinated by the possibility of time travel. Obviously, her ideal experience would be to wake up on a tropical island eighty years into the future, with an endless supply of chocolate on hand.

A Heat Of The Moment Thing, Maggie’s debut novel, is a romping chick lit read with humour and plenty of romantic sizzle. It has reached the quarter-finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014. Maggie’s second novel, The Trouble With Dying, will be released later this year.

And something unique:
I have a very low boredom threshold. I’ve had several career incarnations, and three years in any job is about my limit. (Aside from being a mum, of course - though some days it feels like I’m over that job, too!)

Contact links:

Maggie’s website:

Ally: Since we certainly don't want you to become bored, shall we jump right into the questions? :-D  What type of romance do you write? subcategory, heat level.

MAGGIE:  LOL. I write chick lit—a genre that supposedly doesn’t exist anymore, but every self-respecting chick lit lover knows that’s rubbish! It’s light and humorous reading with plenty of romance. It’s definitely not erotica, but A Heat Of The Moment Thing (my debut novel) does get a bit steamy in places.

Ally: Tell us about the heroine and hero in the book you brought today. Why are they "meant for each other?"

MAGGIE:  Becky Jordan is the heroine of A Heat Of The Moment Thing. Although she’s always pined for Mr Right she seems to have found everyone but, and has lost a bit of herself along the way. She’s recently vowed to forget about men and be more true to herself. She’s just scored the job opportunity of a lifetime and is determined to make a go of it—single.

Matt Frobisher, the story’s hero, is Becky’s new boss. He’s funny and interesting and kind and (of course) gorgeous. Becky is not amused. How is it that as soon as she says no to dating, Mr Probably Right shows up?

That’s where they’re in agreement, because Matt doesn’t do relationships. His background is complex and (for reasons I won’t divulge here - don’t want to spoil it for readers) he isn’t interested in anything beyond mild flirtation. That’s until Becky crashes into his life—literally. She’s full of life and cute and gets herself into all sorts of scrapes. Life is far more colourful when Becky’s around. She challenges him to let his hair down and have fun.

For Becky’s part, Matt is the calm to her storm. She’s a disaster magnet, no two ways about it. If something can go wrong it will go wrong, but Matt has a knack of being there to pick up the pieces. Matt doesn’t want to change her; he likes her just the way she is, and this is something very new for Becky. He’s great for her confidence and sense of self-worth.

Ally:  How do you choose characteristics and names for your characters? Are any of them based on people you know?

MAGGIE:  My characters tend to “teach” me who they are as I write. Often they take a whole book to evolve into 3D characters with believable traits and full personalities.

As for names, I angst over them! I have literally pages and pages of last names I wrote down for Matt, the hero of A Heat Of The Moment Thing. I spent days—no, weeks—rolling names around in my head, trying to choose one that sounded like ‘him’.

None of my characters are based on people I know, sorry. J But, like all writers, I do get inspiration from my own world. My ideas often spark from a random comment or observation, and then the fun begins! That’s the beauty of writing fiction: you get to write it your way, making anything happen to anyone.

Ally:  If you suddenly couldn't write anymore, what would you like to do? and Why?

MAGGIE:  Gosh. Well, I guess I’d fall into a deep dark pit of despair. But when I clambered back out and got on with the rest of my life, I expect I’d head back into education. For some 15+ years BC (before children) I was a teacher, and since then I’ve worked part-time in teacher training. I loved helping teachers be the best they could be.

Ally:  Ready for some quick answer questions?
     a. most romantic song
- two - can’t choose! The Power Of Love (Frankie Goes to Hollywood); Someone Like You (Adele)
     b. most unusual item sitting on your desk or in other writing space - fingerless merino gloves. I have perpetually cold hands in winter! Which reminds me, I need to put them on right now. Summer’s well and truly over down here in New Zealand.
     c. favorite color of nail polish - fingers: nothing (hate my fingernails so don’t draw attention to them); toes - anything goes, but probably plum-red.
     d. favorite restaurant meal - Thai. Yum yum. Any dish with coriander and lime juice, thanks—oh, and make it spicy.
     e. last book you read - “She Likes It Rough” by GVR Corcillo. A great beach read and a must-read for chick lit lovers. (Awarded Best Indie Book 2013 and Best Humor Book 2013 in the Rebecca’s Reads Choice Awards.)

Ally: Thanks so much for having coffee with me. Before we wind this down, tell us a little more about your book.


Becky Jordan has had it with relationships. From now on her time and dedication won’t be lavished on her latest Mr. Wrong—or, worse, Mr. Hell-No!—just the dream travel job which has unexpectedly leapt into her lap. Finally, life is looking great.

Unfortunately, not as great as her sizzling-hot, take-charge new boss. Matt Frobisher is everything she doesn't want him to be, but if anyone thinks she'll risk her career on a workplace fling they can think again. No amount of Superman behaviour from him will make her roll over and play Lois.

At least, that's what her head says. Her heart, however, doesn't do logical. In desperation she finds herself a Mr. Distraction, one with no strings and plenty of appeal. But Mr. Distraction also comes with unforeseen complications. Kryptonite complications, like Becky’s sister. And when she shows up there’s only one sure thing: not even Superman can prevent the Disaster Fest that’s about to blow Becky’s life apart.

(Contains one guy determined to win the girl, one girl determined not to be won, and plenty of heat in the middle.)

18+ intended for an adult audience
Amazon Author Link:

Available at most online bookstores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords and Itunes.



04/30/2014 2:37am

Ally, thanks so much for having me today and making me feel so welcome. I love your blog! Oh, and you make pretty good coffee too ;)

04/30/2014 8:02am

Loved having you! I can't take credit for the coffee -- it's the magic pot!

04/30/2014 3:11am

Great post Maggie! I thought I knew you quite well, and now I know you better. Yay on the merino gloves - I have some too.

04/30/2014 4:33pm

Aren't they brilliant, Kris? The chill's really beginning to bite down here in Christchurch now, so those gloves will be getting plenty of use shortly.

04/30/2014 6:03am

I loved the book - great interview. More please...

04/30/2014 4:34pm

Thanks Bronwen! Ally's a wonderful hostess :) Next book is on its way...

04/30/2014 6:21am

Great interview! I love the question about the characteristics and naming especially….

I only read the excerpt of this book, but LOVED it! I can't wait to read the rest...

04/30/2014 4:38pm

Hilary, thanks for stopping over! Ally's question about how the characters develop was really interesting; I'd never really thought about it before. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the excerpt - especially since you're a chick lit author yourself.

04/30/2014 7:25am

What a fun interview! It was great to learn some behind-the-scenes info about A HEAT OF THE MOMENT THING. Can't wait to read this one!

Thanks, Ally and Maggie!

04/30/2014 4:40pm

Hi Tracie - thanks for coming to say hi. :) It's been a blast hanging out with Ally (especially since she makes coffee just the way I like it - I'm a sucker for a good coffee). Hope you enjoy AHOTMT.

04/30/2014 10:58am

Love the post Ally & Maggie! I always love to hear more about my favorite writers - it's fun to see behind the curtain. I must confess that I read the ABNA excerpt of A Heat of the Moment Thing and was completely SUCKED in. I bought the book immediately upon finishing the all-too-short entry and continued reading well into the night. I am at the savoring point now, since I don't want it to end. Can't wait for your next book! :)

04/30/2014 4:43pm

Aw Glynis, I'm jigging on the spot here. There's nothing better than hearing a reader is loving your book that much! Thanks for stopping by - and of course for reading the ABNA excerpt in the first place. (For other readers - it's on Amazon, do a search for ABNA Maggie Le Page.)
PS I can't wait for my next book either! But the editing is taking a looooooong time...

04/30/2014 12:03pm

Maggie Le Page! Wow! Thanks for the shout out at the end of the interview - so sweet! And you spent years teaching? And you train teachers...who does that remind me of? You've totally infused your love of teaching into your characters, making them so alive and so real. And I won't give anything away either, but Matt's complicated backstory is WONDERFUL, especially because of how it turns everything on its head. What a book Heat of the Moment Thing is! Becky's zany life is amusing, romantic, and hooks you in, but her arc as she tries to straighten up and fly right is even more compelling. Good luck in the Amazon Awards!!!!

04/30/2014 4:46pm

Geralyn! Hi! And no probs re the shout-out, I had literally just finished reading your book and loved it - it's a great chick lit read. :)

LOL I'm thrilled you enjoyed A Heat Of The Moment Thing - I loved writing it and to have readers enthuse about it with the energy you just did (!) is so rewarding!

04/30/2014 3:56pm

Great interview Maggie! Hey, I also have fingerless gloves on my desk, but mine are lovely soft possum wool ones... :) Looking forward to The Trouble With Dying!

04/30/2014 4:48pm

Hi Tracey - fingerless glove wearers anonymous! I'm jealous of your though - mine are a great green, but definitely not fluffy possum wool. I'd almost look forward to winter for those! I'll let you know when The Trouble With Dying is finished - LOL I'll be screaming it from the rooftops!

04/30/2014 7:52pm

Fingerless gloves? Oh **noes**!!

Okay, I know I'm strange but every time someone mentions fingerless gloves I get this picture in my mind of old Mr. Steptoe the junk dealer in STEPTOE AND SON. I'm having trouble getting my head around a chick-lit writer wearing them. :-(


<Imagines harder ....>

Oh, all right you can be a chick-lit writer and wear fingerless gloves. Green ones are good. Fluffy ones are good too. Just promise me you won't ever take your false teeth out and use them to chomp around the outside of pie pastry to make pretty patterns on the pie top before you cook it! That's one Steptoe picture that can't **ever** be chick-lit-ized.

I loved A Heat of the Moment Thing, and I'm hanging out for The Trouble With Dying.

Great interview, Ally! Thanks for sharing, Maggie! :-)

05/01/2014 5:03am

Oh dear! Hmm. I may have to post a pic of my fingerless gloves, just to prove they're not Steptoe-ish! And while I'm at it, I'll take a pic of my teeth to prove they're not false!!!

(Good grief - imagine someone making pies like that. Hmm. I must be able to put that in a book somewhere... Nothing like a wee challenge...) Thanks for stopping by, Gracie! I think your comment takes the prize for "most unexpected" :D I'll let you know when The Trouble With Dying comes out. You'll hear me wherever you are at the time!

05/04/2014 8:57pm

Ally, thanks so much for having me round for coffee. I had a blast :) By the way, a photographer friend of mine LOVES your cover for "Fire Storm". He has great taste! Bye for now, and happy writing...

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