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   Welcome to the Wednesday Coffee Chat!

Erin Moore is with us today with her paranormal romance, The Shaman's Temptation, which sounds like a hot time in the Arizona desert!

Erin, do you drink coffee or prefer something else?

ERIN:  Earl Gray with lots of almond milk is my caffeine infusion of choice.

Ally: No problem. While I'm getting the tea and coffee for us, you'll have time to show our readers your bio, including an additional interesting fact.


Erin has been writing her entire life, but only recently found her voice in the paranormal romance world.

She's an avowed chocoholic, loves travel and good tea, and finds her inner peace by meditating and writing. Fantasy, historical fiction, and romance are her inspirations.

She is so thankful that she is able to do what she loves and have the support of great readers and friends.

Something not in my bio: I speak fluent German.

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Ally:  Let's start with a genre question. How did you start writing romances? Did a particular book or author inspire you?
ERIN:  I sort of grew up reading romances in the summers when I could borrow/steal them from aunts and grandmothers, so I can’t really say that it was any one author, except maybe Jude Deveraux (remember those?).

Ally:  Do you work with a critique partner or critique group? Do you use beta readers?

ERIN:  Two amazing women are my crit partners, and since I’ve been published I’ve also had a few beta readers. It’s probably something that I need to focus on more. In terms of crit partners, I think two is probably my limit; it’s hard to find the time for my writing, others’ writing, and marketing, otherwise!

Ally:  I know you have a small press publisher, but have you done any self-publishing or would you consider it?

ERIN:  Would definitely consider self-publishing, especially because my next series is going to be a little off the beaten track, and if I am going to have to start from the ground up in terms of building an audience, then it might be worth it. I’m writing what I’m calling “The Origins Series”, and it’s going to be set in the Paleolithic. Not exactly a Regency!

Ally:  Tell us about the heroine and hero in the book you brought today. What is the major conflict in their relationship?

ERIN:  Takshilim Nah-Kah-Yen is training to be a shaman in his small Arizona tribe. Madeleine Greenway is the financial analyst sent to help his tribe get funding for a casino. Their conflict is really generated from their ways of life – Tak thinks that she is sort of a princess, not able to see the needs of the tribe. And Madeleine thinks Tak is a bit arrogant, until she finds out how much he has invested in helping his people and how strong he is beneath the wounded warrior toughness.

Ally: I confess to loving quick answer questions, so here are yours:
  • a hike in the woods or a day on the beach: Hike.
  • sexy convertible or practical van: Wow, those are my only choices? I think sexy, but I drive a total mommy car.
  • favorite flower: Orchids. For obvious reasons.
  • your next vacation destination: Turkey.
  • sexiest actor, tv or movies: I looooove Hugh Jackman and Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson. Yum.
Ally: You have good taste in men! But I'm afraid we're about out of time. Thank you so much for visiting today. But we'd love to see your book before you go...

A Shaman’s temptation could be the undoing of his people…

Madeleine Greenway, perfectionist and analyst for Surety Bank, has no place in her rigidly organized life for something as unpredictable as a man, much less a Native American shaman. Sent to the White Mountain reservation to help the tribe finance its new casino, she meets Tak, a proud, beautiful Apache, and finds herself surrounded by something magical in the Arizona desert. His touch becomes a passport to otherworldly bliss, and the strange coyote she sees makes her question what’s real. But it’s the amazing sex with Tak that makes Madeleine lose sight of her goal—to guarantee that Surety Bank’s investment in the casino won’t fail.

Last in a long line of shaman shape-shifters, Tak Nah-Kah-Yen has sworn a vow of celibacy to his gods. But Madeleine’s lithe body and honeyed lips compel him to forswear his pledge, claiming her for his own. His passion for her overshadows his link to his gods at a time when he most needs their help. Desperate to find funding for the casino and lift his people out of poverty, he’d accepted start-up money from less than savory sources who are willing to kill to guarantee their profit—the profit Madeleine’s bank jeopardizes…

NOTICE: Content of Erin Moore's books is 18+

The books are available at most online bookstores and can be accessed through her website or her Amazon Author page:
Amazon Author Page:

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