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The request I get most often... is to know more about Andreas, the main vampire in the Guardian Witch series. I'm hoping he'll share a part of his early history this morning, although it's a touchy subject for him--one hee was reluctant to share with Arianna. 

I turn to smile at him. "Thank you for agreeing to this interview." When he raises an eyebrow, I add, "Yes, I know I threatened to tell the story for you, if you didn't. So, set the scene for us, Andreas. Where were you and what was happening in your life when you were transformed into a vampire?"

The dark, attractive vampire is lounging in his office desk chair at Club Dintero. He gives me a narrowed eye look but answers easily enough. "I was in London in 1815, where I had been living for ten years until I was called home to Italy the year before upon the untimely death of my elder brother. It was my duty to assume control of the family estates." He sighs. "After several months, I hired a manager and returned to my life in London."

"But why? You inherited a position of wealth in a beautiful country."

He leans back, steepling his fingers. "It should not have been mine. My brother Luis had been groomed for the position. I was the younger son, well provided for by my father, but never intended to govern. It was a responsibility I did not want."

"You were close to your brother?"


"How did he die?"

"A hunting accident. His horse went one way over a barrier, Luis went the other. It was a typical death for a young bruising rider." The words are said in a monotone, and I don't pursue the details.

"So tell me about the vampiress, the one who sired you. How did you meet?" He hesitates, and I prod him. "Was it the old story of sexy vampire lures unsuspecting victim into a sexual encounter?"

That gets a response. "Not at all. I had been drinking with friends and was walking home in the early morning hours when I witnessed what I thought was the mugging of an elderly washer woman by two ruffians. I attempted to intervene but was overpowered by the three vampires."

When he didn't go on, I finished the story. "After the vampiress drained you, taking your life, she chose to share her own blood but left you in an ally."

His eyes flicker. "Yes. She was not the maternal type."

"Isn't that unusual, for vampires to abandon their newborns?"

He shrugs, and I can see that our conversation is nearly at an end for today.  "What was it like when you first woke as a vampire? Did you know what had happened?"

"Mostly it was terrifying. Unknown sensations and urges. It was days before I figured it out, and only after I ran into another of my kind." He glances pointedly toward the papers on his desk.

I try one last question. "Have you seen the vampiress since? Where is she now?"

His eyes flash a warning, and he picks up the top paper on his desk. "She is dead."

I take the hint and leave.



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