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Welcome to everyone!
Author Theresa Crater is visiting today to talk about "visionary" fiction. What's that, you ask? Read on! :)

What may I get you to drink, Theresa?

THERESA:  I drink English Breakfast tea with a little 2%.

Ally: While I pour my black coffee and fix your tea, perhaps you can show readers your bio, including something unusual you wouldn't normally include.

THERESA:  My pleasure.

Bio:  Theresa Crater has published two novels, Beneath the Hallowed Hill & Under the Stone Paw and several short stories, most recently “The Judgment of Osiris” in Tales in Firelight and Shadow and “White Moon” in Ride the Moon. She has published one metaphysical novel God in a Box under the pen name Louise Ryder. Theresa has also published poetry and a baker’s dozen of literary criticism. Currently, she teaches writing and British lit in Denver. Visit her website at

Something unusual: 
I've been meditating for 43 years, but I'm still grouchy.

Author contact links:

Twitter:  @theresacrater
Facebook:  Author page; other page
Good Reads:
Linked In:

Ally:  Okay, explain what you mean by "visionary fiction."

THERSA:  Visionary fiction explores the possibilities of expanded human consciousness, but since that’s not a well-known genre, I usually say paranormal mystery or urban fantasy.

Ally:   What was your journey to publication? How long? Did you go traditional, small pub , self pub?

THERESA:  It’s been a long and wandering journey, but as Tolkien says, “All who wander are not lost.” I published a couple of short stories and a poem at first, and then much later wrote a first novel. That one was rejected by many places. Then I read Robert McKee’s book Story, and I was suddenly in business. Hampton Roads published my second novel in their visionary fiction category. Under the Stone Paw sold pretty well, but the company got sold. The new CEO cancelled the fiction line just when I’d finished the sequel. Arg!

Self-publishing was still quite rare (and that was really just a few years ago), so I went with a small press. Then a second small press picked up my first book. I put out my third novel, The Star Family, myself because I wasn’t happy with the small presses and didn’t like the other offers I was getting. It’s selling moderately well. I do all the promotion, which is no different from my other two novels that are still with small presses. I’m counting the days to get them back. I love getting to keep all the royalties.

Ally: I assume you have another  work in progress. Can you tell us about it?

THERESA:  In The Sphinx Chamber, a house collapses on the edge of the Giza Plateau. With the Egyptian Antiquities Department in chaos, Michael Levy investigates the scene. The residents dug a shaft that connects to a maze of underground tunnels. Michael finds small gold statues and lapis jewelry littering the path, then a sealed chamber that could be directly beneath the Sphinx. Could this be the famed Hall of Records from legends? And will he survive if he opens it and reveals its secrets?

As Michael tries to find his way through the maze beneath the Sphinx, his new wife, Anne Le Clair begins to hear whisperings in the night. A voice murmurs, “The time has come. Find my heart.” Anne’s doctor thinks her ill or perhaps suffering a breakdown brought on from the stress of facing her last month of pregnancy with her husband called away to Egypt. But the voice continues, more and more urgent. Anne follows clues left by her great grandfather who as an ambassador to Egypt, but will she find the secret in time?

Ally:  I'll be watching for that one. I love stories about Egypt! But back to the questions...What is your favorite way to market your books?

THERESA:  Guest blogs like yours, of course. I also belong to two blogging groups, Mysteristas and Café Otherworld. Cons are fun, too, if you can go in with other people on a table.

Ally: I like to finish with a few quick answer questions.

  • Where did you last go shopping? A local greenhouse to buy plants for the garden.
  • Manicure or pedicure:  Pedicure mostly. Did both for my son’s wedding anniversary party.    color?  Smoky plum
  • An item on your bucket list:  Travel! Go to Angkor Wat and tour the ancient temples of India. Float down the Rhine and look at the castles. Go to Italy and Paris and look at the art, not to mention eat at great restaurants.
  • Home cooking or take out:  More take out than I’d like to admit.
  • Do you have pets?  Cats. A calico queen mouser named Arwen and a Maine Coon sweetheart named Wizzie, an ancient name for Osiris.
Ally: Thanks for visiting today. Please show us the book you brought.


A secret spiritual group

A recurring dream

A 400-year-old ritual that must be completed before it is too late

Jane Frey inherits a Gothic mansion filled with unexpected treasures. A prophecy claims it hides an important artifact – the key to an energy grid laid down by the Founding Fathers themselves. Whoever controls this grid controls the very centers of world power. Except Jane has no idea what they’re looking for.

Buy Links:  Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, Paperback

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06/03/2014 8:25pm

Your books sound really interesting. I also would love to visit Europe. Fun interview!

06/04/2014 9:25am

Thanks, Patti. I've got a whole list of places I'd love to visit in Europe and write books about. Hope we both can!

06/04/2014 10:31am

It was nice getting to know you better in this interview, Theresa. Your books spark my interest, especially The Sphinx Chamber. Thanks for putting out the word about Visionary Fiction.

06/04/2014 12:47pm

Thanks, Margaret. We did go beneath the Sphinx in Under the Stone Paw and opened the Hall of Records, but she (yes, she according to the indigenous tradition) is calling me back. And the Serapeum!

Rebecca Bates
06/04/2014 2:35pm

Travel and ancient spirits, wow! It doesn't get much better than that!

06/04/2014 4:07pm

I know you like to travel, too, Rebecca. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks to Ally for hosting me today.

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