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Last week I visited Kate Wyland's blog (link is here), and today she is having coffee with me!
Welcome, Kate! How do you take your coffee?

KATE:  I drink it black, but I like it flavored. Nutty Irishman is my favorite right now. Of course a shot of something “extra” is nice in the evenings too.

Ally: Coming right up, and we'll see what we can do about that 'something extra.' As Jimmy B might say, it's got to be evening somewhere. Right?
Let's take a look at your bio, including a unique fact about yourself.

Author Bio:

Kate Wyland is a life-long horse nut who started riding at three years old. She’s taken part in a great variety of equestrian activities with her greatest loves being dressage and trail riding in the mountains. A few years ago, she exchanged her tech writing “bug” hat for a fiction writing Stetson. Suspense, romance, horses and sometimes the paranormal are the themes she likes to explore in her books. And she delights in sharing her love of animals and country living.
Something unique:  I was the mascot for my high school, on my horse. Led the band in parades and at football games.

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Ally:  Tell us something about the books you write: the genres, and how you incorporate the paranormal.

KATE:  I mostly write romantic suspense, usually in a horsey setting – ranch, dude ranch – and often with a psychic element. I don’t consider them paranormals, per se, because I believe psychic abilities do exist. Some of my heroines have extra senses that allow them to do things a little out of the norm. Kasey from Forewarning uses energy and intention to help people and animals heal. Lauren, from my short story Images – A Love Story, is an artist who has the uncomfortable gift of seeing images from other people’s minds.

Ally:  How did you start writing about horses? Do you own horses? Ride, race, show or breed them?

KATE:  I’ve had horses most of my life. Started riding when I was three, got the first horse of my very own at 10. I’ve put in lots and lots of miles on trails. Even got caught in quicksand one time. My DH and I love to horse camp in the mountains.

I had a wonderful little Morgan mare when I was a kid and did most everything with her. Showed Western and English, rode in a drill team, and paraded. Also taught her tricks and put on small exhibitions. Later I switched to dressage and quadrille, with a dressage-style drill team. Had lots of fun raising and training a few colts. Even taught one of them his mom’s tricks. Boy he was smart. I’m down to one horse now (lost two last year). Can’t imagine life without them.

Ally:  Describe your writing day: when, where, how long?

KATE:  It varies a lot. Mostly I try to put in an hour, which frequently becomes two or three, first thing in the morning. That used to be the best time for me to write. Lately the mornings have become too busy, so I’ll work in the afternoon instead. I aim for a couple pages a day. Doesn’t always work out that way.

Ally:  What's your next WIP (work in progress)? 

Forearmed is the second in my Horses and Healing series and features a psychologist who uses horses in her work with troubled children. She also has a strong intuitive gift that helps her find answers for her kids. Her life takes a dangerous turn when she finds a dying man in the desert and the thugs that left him for dead worry he may have told her something about them. An attractive park ranger with a very different approach to life both repels and draws her and adds a layer of complication. In the end she must make a difficult choice on how to protect the children in her care.

Ally:  Now for a few quick answer questions:

  • Your favorite accessory: Scarves – have batches of them, large and small.
  • Favorite time of day:  Evening, when the breeze comes up and the air is soft.
  • Last time you were in a brick and mortar bookstore:  About a month ago. Still like to browse through real books.
  • Last book that made you cry:  Not sure. I’ve got enough stress in my life right now so I tend to avoid books I know will be sad.
  • An item on your bucket list:  Spending a few weeks in Italy, visiting the sights and enjoying the ambiance. We were supposed to go in April but that got postponed. Hope we can make it this Fall.
Ally: Kate, thank you for visiting today. It's been a pleasure, but it's time to bring our chat to an end and tell readers about your book, Forewarning.

Book Blurb


Healing is her life. Will it be her death?

Grieving and guilt-stricken after her husband’s suicide, Kasey Martin has closed her energetic healing practice and retreated to her Oregon horse ranch. One night, she rescues a badly injured man, and against her better judgment, uses her neglected skills to save his life. This starts her on an unexpected journey of healing and danger.

Complicating her life is Jim Bradley, an old friend who has long been in love with her and wants her to return to her work. When criminals looking for her patient invade the serenity of her world, she must use her skills to save all three of their lives.

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Thanks for stopping. Come back soon!



06/17/2014 10:58pm

Good info. Thanks.

06/18/2014 12:58am

Thanks so much for having me Ally. Enjoyed the interview.

06/18/2014 8:28am

Hi, Kate.

Forearmed sounds great. I really like the idea of therapeutic horse programs. I have been hearing a lot about them in recent years. Why do you think they are becoming such a thing?

PS Ally ... I _love_ your Fire Storm cover!

06/18/2014 10:24am

Thanks, Kate! Etopia has some terrific cover artists.

06/18/2014 9:05am

I agree Ally's cover is great!

As to the therapeutic programs, I can only speculate that it has do to with our society having the time and money to explore other modalities. Also our renewed interest in alternative techniques has made some of us aware of the strong psychic connection horses can have with people.

Thanks for stopping by.

06/18/2014 12:57pm

What a great interview! I love the idea of horses and psychic abilities, which I think horses have in spades. Love it!

06/18/2014 1:10pm

Glad you enjoyed it. I had fun.

I've had a horse wake me up in the middle of the night because she was colicking and needed help. Certainly they can connect psychically.

06/18/2014 2:53pm

Kate, Good to hear the news about "Forearmed". I was also interested in reading about your writing schedule. 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. was my writing schedule for years but was interrupted by several things. Now, I'm having a difficult time getting back on a schedule. But I'll keep trying!

06/18/2014 4:53pm

Hi Carol,
My schedule keeps getting smashed to smithereens lately, so I haven't been getting a lot done. It is hard to get back on track sometimes. Good luck.

Angela Adams
06/18/2014 7:05pm

Enjoyed reading your interview while drinking my coffee (smile!).

06/18/2014 7:31pm

Thanks for joining us!

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