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I've been nominated by a fellow writer to participate in the blogger award. Thanks, Ute!

The award rules are simple, well, sort of. First off, post the award banner. Done. Then link up to the site of the person who awarded it to you. Simple. Visit Ute's blog here: Ute Carbone.

Then comes the hard part: list seven things about myself.  So let's see... What to choose...


1. I've hiked the Grand Canyon...but not recently.

PictureAce's Ironside, my favorite horse.

2. Several horses have graced my life over the years—American saddlebreds, quarter horses, and ponies—and I still think they are beautiful, incredible creatures.

PictureMy 15 lbs walking companion, Ranger.

3.  Saylorville Lake, just north of Des Moines, Iowa, is less than five minutes from my home. Ranger, my mini pin, and I love to walk the trails.

PictureYes, he's alive!
4. I just returned from a trip to New Orleans and was fascinated by it all, especially the swamps. Even this baby alligator held by another tourist!

5.  Music is important to me, including participation in vocal solos, chorus and band as I grew up, but I can't listen to music as I write, because I start singing along and lose track of my story! :)
(I did have time to sit in Cafe Du Monde and enjoy this street musician in New Orleans.)


6.  Coffee is an addiction. I should have stock in Starbucks!


7.  I've traveled to 38 of our states and would love to visit each of the rest.

I'm passing the torch to the following bloggers, if they choose to accept. In any case, you should visit their awesome blogs!

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Suzanne Adair
Kath Boyd Marsh
Angela Myers

Thanks for spending time on my blog. Come back soon!



05/31/2014 11:08am

Cute baby alligator!

05/31/2014 12:29pm

Thx for reading the blog, Sarah! Let me tell you, his much bigger relatives weren't so cute! :)

06/04/2014 9:12am

Thank you for tapping me.
But more importantly: HIKED the Grand Canyon! Color me green with envy!

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