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Every Wednesday I interview authors, but today I'm giving the same treatment to my character, Arianna Calin, fire witch and guardian protector of Riverdale.

Good morning, Ari. I usually begin by asking my guests how they take their coffee.

ARI: Black and lots of it. Club Dintero makes a special blend that I love.

Ally:  While I'm filling our mugs, tell us about your job, your hours, your location.

ARI (sighs and sits back in her chair): I'm a cop. My bosses are the Riverdale Magic Council, and my office is in the Cultural Center, next to the Magic Hall. But I only have scheduled hours on Monday and Wednesday mornings. My main job is to keep the Otherworlders and humans in the Olde Town district from killing one another, and incidents can happen at any time of day or night. I work with Ryan, a human cop, on joint cases.

Ally:  What made you choose this work?

ARI (laughs): I didn't. It chose me. See this crescent moon birthmark on my ankle? Anyone born with that is destined to be a Guardian, and we're trained for the job from the time we can walk. Weaponry, martial arts, magic.

Ally: So you use magic in your work?

ARI: When I have to, but I prefer to use a knife or gun if humans are involved. Besides, magic makes Ryan uncomfortable. (grins.)

Ally: I know you said your love life is off limits in this interview, but we have to at least mention Andreas, the vampire in your life. What's it like being involved with someone who can't go out during the day?

ARI: It's gets inconvenient. More than once I've been waiting outside his door for him to wake when we need to be somewhere. But my hours are so flexible that I'm probably able to make the adjustment easier than most could. It helps that he has enough resistance to the sun to be up by mid-afternoon.

Ally: Let's try a few get-to-know-you, quick answer questions.
  • cake or pie? They're both okay, but I'm a sucker for chocolate brownies!
  • favorite season of the year:  Spring. It's fun to see the earth wake up each year.
  • mini skirts or jeans: jeans. (grins) Andreas would pick the mini-skirts.
  • dogs or cats: Two cats, Bella and Dona.
  • daily exercise: I try to run five miles every morning and patrol the town and park on foot every evening.
  • favorite color: It changes. This week I love blue. (points to her blue t-shirt)
  • last movie you watched: Since Friday was the 4th of July, we watched Independence Day for maybe the 100th time. One station was running a marathon. My favorite line: "Welcome to earth," as Will Smith punches the alien in the nose.
  • an item on your bucket list: to visit Italy with Andreas without the vampire elders trying to kill us.

Ally: Is there anything else we should know about you?

ARI: Nope. Why would you want to know anything about me? It's my job that's interesting. Maybe you should read the books. :)

Guardian Witch series:

Watch for WILD FIRE (Guardian Witch Book Six) coming later this summer!



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