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As Wild Fire (Guardian Witch Book Six) goes into edits for release later this fall, I thought I'd give you a peek at the unedited version.

I tried to pick something that wouldn't be a spoiler. :)


City Hall was fully engulfed in flames and dark smoke. Firefighters struggled to handle the hoses in the cold; the water spray had started to form icy crystals on nearby buildings. By morning the area would be an ice palace, hiding the devastation. There were two buildings that already looked that way from yesterday's fires. Riverdale had an arsonist.

But until Ryan's latest call, Ari hadn't thought it had anything to do with her. Her jurisdiction as a Guardian for the Magic Council only extended to crimes committed by or against Otherworlders. Ryan waved from near a group of fire trucks, and she stomped through the snow.

"Anybody hurt?" she asked.

"Nobody's been inside yet, but we think they all got out. It was called in about 5:00 p.m., and most workers were off at 4:30. We have a witness this time. Well, sort of."

She wrinkled her brow. "What's a 'sort-of' witness?"

"Says he saw a fireball hit the building." Ryan pointed to a man huddled in a heavy parka. His crisp suit pants and polished shoes said he was a local businessman. "But he didn't see who…or what it came from."

"Fireball, huh? Let's see if he can be more specific." Ari beckoned to Ryan, as she cut across the street to question the witness. He stopped to let a fire truck pass, then followed her.

The witness bobbed his head emphatically. Yes, a fireball. In fact, he'd seen two fireballs, not just one. "The first one came in low like a missile off target. But when I saw the second one, I knew this was no accident."

Ari blinked. Missiles? There were no missile bases within hundreds of miles.


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