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Spring is here (in Australia) and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway. Australian based speculative fiction author D L Richardson is giving one lucky reader the chance to win an autographed copy of her first published novel The Bird With The Broken Wing. Night Owl Reviews reviewer said that they “…really enjoyed the twists and turns.” You can read the full review here .

The contest is being run through Rafflecopter and it’s so easy to enter. All the terms and conditions are available on the author website and entry form. Good luck, and don’t forget to share this great prize with your friends.

Book Blurb:

When mortals make mistakes, they’re forgiven.

When angels make mistakes, they’re forsaken.

Angels may not reveal themselves to mortals...but when the mortal Rachael's watching over is hurting, how can she stay hidden in the shadows? Guardian angel Rachael becomes trapped with the mortal she's been assigned to watch over. Unable to watch him suffer, she decides the only way to free him of his inner demons is to break the rules about becoming involved, revealing her true identity, and applying divine intervention. But what choice does she have? Without her help, his soul will be trapped forever. Then a stranger appears, giving Rachael reason to wonder if his is the only soul in need of saving...

Can’t wait for the contest to be over to read the book? You can download the ebook immediately and it’s now reduced to $2.99 and available at all online retailers.

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Author Bio:

D L Richardson has young adult teen novels published and one short story anthology. Her first two YA novels The Bird With The Broken Wing and Feedback came out with Etopia Press in 2011 and 2012. Her third YA novel Little Red Gem was self-published in 2013 and was runner up on Paranormal Books Best Standalone YA book of 2013 and the book trailer was featured on USA Today website. She is currently working on a serialised science fiction novel.

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