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PictureKameo Ryndel

She is a dark elf from the privileged Elite class.
Her life, her work, her marriage are all mapped out for her.

But she has trained as a King's Guard 
and longs for excitement, something meaningful in her life.

PictureSeth Lormarc

He is a member of a rival Elite guild
that has been feuding with the Ryndels for centuries,

a sophisticated business man--on the surface--
who is satisfied with his elegant lifestyle...


Until danger follows the illegal transports
taken through the magic portals that link the worlds
of men and elves...

And these two unlikely partners
are the only ones standing in its way.

Book Blurb:

Conspiracy, murder, and magic…and the death of all they hold dear. 

When the first wanderer—a common elf who isn’t authorized to use the portal—is spotted on the streets of New Orleans, the king assigns Kameo Ryndel to assist in the elf’s capture. But before she can intervene, humans with guns shoot the wanderer and steal his body. When Seth Lormarc, an Elite elf from a rival guild, appears at the scene, Kam suspects he is involved. 

Seth Lormarc is in New Orleans to find out who was behind the portal breach, and his best lead is the intriguing Kam Ryndel. When he stakes out her apartment and finds her sneaking out in the middle of the night, dressed in black and leaping to the top of the nearest building, he knows there’s something unique about the beautiful elf. That kind of feat requires magic. Ancient magic. 

As their paths cross during their investigations, they develop an irresistible attraction, although there’s little time for romance. The portal breach is tied to an illegal smuggling operation that has come to the attention of the human CIA. But the stakes are raised when Kam and Seth discover a band of conspirators and a rebellion deep in Elvenrude that promises nothing except destruction of their world.

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