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Angela Myers doesn’t believe in sticking to one genre, one length, or even one name. That wouldn’t be any fun. As Angela Parson Myers, she’s written an urban fantasy novel and a romance novelette. As AH Myers, she’s published a pair of suspense and a pair of dark humor short stories and a small collection of short works with a Halloween theme.  

“Night Speaks” isn’t your typical Halloween collection. It isn’t all scary, and it’s suitable for anyone from 14 to 94. In The Quarter Test, a middle-aged man helps his mentor’s widow lay her husband to rest; Halloween Story chronicles the misadventures of a wayward elf on a night when the boundaries between worlds wear thin; Birth of a Vampire and The Wolfing Moon are poems that might send a shiver down your spine; Night Speaks is a story-poem about a young minister in a mountain town who tries to reassure his flock when half-eaten animals start showing up the morning after every full moon. 

Angela Parson Myers grew up being called Angel by family and friends, which might explain an early fascination with things somewhat dark and scary.  

She read everything she could get her hands on from the age of six or seven, but  didn’t realize she wanted to be a writer until she was a junior in high school. By then, math classes convinced her maybe she wasn’t cut out to be a physicist. Her first paid job as a writer was a high school news column for the local newspaper. Later she became a staff writer for a regional newspaper, then a writer/editor for a Fortune 500 corporation.

She and her high school sweetheart live in Central Illinois, where they fairly successfully masquerade as normal grandparents.

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