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Good Morning, Booklovers!
Please give a warm welcome to my guest J.C. Conway!

How do you take your coffee, John?

J.C.: I like it black, although these days I usually start my day with a low-carb Monster (energy drink) instead. It's a little easier on my nerves.

Ally: Since my coffee pot is magic, it can produce anything! :)  I'll fix our drinks while you show readers your bio.

Bio: J. C. Conway is a romance, science fiction and fantasy author, writing novels and short stories for adults, young adults and teens. Hearts in Ruin is his debut novel. He is a grand prize winner of the Yosemite Romance Writers Smooch contest. He will have short stories published this summer by The Colored Lens and Comets & Criminals. His writing passion began with a grade-school assignment to write anything he liked, which, at the time, included dinosaurs, robots, army heroes and alien invaders. Since then he's added deep simmering passion, tense internal conflict and emotional dilemmas. To learn more, visit his website at, his Facebook page at, or follow him on Twitter at Also feel free to visit, the website dedicated to his debut novel.  

Ally:  Can you add something personal about yourself?

J.C.: My hobbies include Chess, Computer Programming, and Backpacking. I'm an attorney. I used to teach high-school math. I'm a proud grandfather of a bright second grade boy named Jack. I'm the Vice President of the local affiliate of NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) and an advocate for mental health, improving treatment for mental illness, and reducing or eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness. 

Ally: Thanks for helping those who really need it.

Ally:  Shall we switch to a little book talk? How did you get started writing romantic suspense?

J.C.:   I am chiefly a science fiction writer, and I realized quite a few years ago now that much of what I was writing was romantic suspense. With that epiphany, I added a new group of stories to my repertoire—suspenseful stories with male and female protagonists and a reduced science-fiction profile. My latest book, for instance, has a speculative element in the construction of a forgotten, ancient pre-Clovis culture. But that's it for the speculative science. The rest of the story is contemporary romantic suspense at an archaeological dig, and I find it a very refreshing and useful genre to express a good story.   

Ally:  Do you find it more difficult to write from the female or the male point of view? Do you have someone read it to check the female perspective?

J.C.:  I don't find either gender difficult to write, per se. I think what is at the core of personality is something that transcends gender. Although it is more difficult to set social situations properly and reflect internal dialogue where the character would have a substantially different background and perspective than me. So yes, I do have people read for red flags and reality checks.

Ally:  Describe your journey to publication. Were you an (1) overnight success, (2) persistence pays off, or (3) somewhere in between?

J.C.:  My path to publication is a story of persistence. I've chipped away at it, and am still chipping. Every story is different, and every publisher is different. There is no easy path that I am aware of, and I have learned to approach writing like a marathon rather than a sprint.

Ally:  What are your best marketing tips for new writers?

J.C.:  I'm not a good marketer yet, so I don't know how good my tips can be! But I know this—if you are going to write professionally, you have to market. I think personal contact goes a long way. Tell everyone and anyone about your book. Be proud and share the information. Have a card to pass out. Make connections. And take that same attitude to the on line arena as well.

Quick answer questions:
  • a. type of car you drive vs type of car you'd like to drive:  I drive a Honda Accord V6 Hybrid with good power and a crappy air conditioner; I'd like something with more power and better air
  • b. your last vacation destination:  South Dakota for a reunion.
  • c. favorite after five drink:  Oh, my gosh, that varies. But Woodford Reserve sure hits the spot.
  • d. an item on your bucket list:  Alaska
  • e. last movie you watched:  American Hustle

Ally: I'm fascinated by archaeology. What kind of research did you do for this book? Have you been on a dig?  

J.C.:  I'm fascinated, too, and I wish I'd been to a dig. But to flesh out the story and setting I had to rely on a lot of people that have participated in digs. I did that anywhere I could—in person, mail, reading blogs, following dig progress … everything I could hear, read, or find. I also had to brush up on present theories of human occupation of North America, refresh my memory about academic conflicts, and study the process of protecting an archaeological site (including the interests that oppose such protection and their reasons). It was really a fun bunch of information to "dig" into.

Ally: That sounds like the perfect segue to introduce your book...


Andrea had one goal in life, a quiet career as a mainstream archaeologist—nothing more nothing less—and she's one ancient secret away. When she is teamed with maverick prodigy Daniel Fuchs at his controversial pre-Clovis dig on tribal land, she soon realizes his wild theories may sidetrack her career. Her smartest move is to expose him and that is exactly what she plans to do. Except…he’s hot, sexy, and there is a chance his theories may be right.

As the dig deepens and outside forces mount, Andrea and Daniel find their careers and their shaky relationship on the brink of ruin. Who can she trust? To survive professionally and emotionally, Andrea must decide between what is expected and what she believes, because time is running out and the developers' bulldozers are poised to level the site.

Delve into the mystery and excitement of an archaeological dig in the New Mexico desert and experience the drive, determination, and passion surrounding the quest to unlock the Paleolithic past in this contemporary, romantic suspense. Hearts In Ruin…no shovel required to join this adventure to discover an ancient truth!

Book Trailer:  

HEARTS IN RUIN is available at:

·         Amazon
·         Liquid Silver Books
·         Barnes & Noble
·         Kobo
·         All Romance Ebooks (ARe)

J.C.:  I love your site. Thank you so much for having me.

Ally:  My pleasure. You're welcome any time.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by today. Please come back soon!



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