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Welcome to the Wednesday Coffee Chat!

My guest today is Voss Foster, who is answering questions about his multi-genre writing.

How do you take your coffee, Voss?

2 sugars, 5 creams.

Ally:  Hmm. Maybe a little coffee with that? Okay, sorry, probably not funny except to us coffee hardcores who drink it black. :) I'll pour, while you show readers your bio.


Voss Foster lives in the middle of the Eastern Washington desert, where he writes speculative fiction from inside a single-wide. When he can be pried away from his keyboard, he can be found cooking, singing, playing trombone, and belly dancing, though rarely all at the same time.

Something Unique: I was ranked as one of the top youth trombonists in Washington State in my sophomore year of high school.

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Ally: Shall we begin by talking about genres?  What do you write and how did you make those choices?

VOSS:  I write speculative fiction, and I'm not narrowing it down more than that, no matter how may times I get told I should. I write horror, sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, magic realism. I can't force myself into a tiny box. It's true that most of my work is fantasy, but some of my favorites among my own pieces have been sci-fi, so it's all a big jumble.
As for choosing them, I don't know for certain that I ever had a choice. Even back in elementary school, I was writing about interdimensional portals and superheroes and cursed roller coasters. I even remember getting a bad mark on a short story in fifth grade because it wasn't something that would really happen.

Ally: Writing in such an unusual spectrum of fiction, what was your route to publication?

VOSS:  Currently, most of my available work is through a small press (Torquere/Prizm), with a small amount of it self-published. For Prizm, from submission to publication was about half a year. But before, that, I edited that book for about three years. It was really, really rough. I wrote it fresh out of high school, the month after I graduated, so it needed some tender care. With a big stick.

Ally:  If you could go on a writing retreat with two other authors (living or dead), who would they be? And why?

VOSS:  Questions like these are always hard for me to answer, but here we go. Assuming that there's no language barrier to contend with, I would definitely put Stanislaw Lem on the list. He's a personal addition. One of my all time favorite books is The Cyberiad, so I'd hop on just about any chance to meet him. And for the other, I'd probably pick Christopher Moore. His writing, whether it's bawdy and irreverent or serious and artistic, is brilliance.

Ally:  What writing projects are in your future?

VOSS:  Well, I'm currently working on a top secret fantasy-romance... with unicorns. So that might be fun, I suppose. After that, I'll be working on book two of my Rings of Vivak books, which I'm hoping will be a fun change from all the gobs of fantasy I've been working on lately. Vivak is a world I love to play with, so I'm really looking forward to going back into it.

Ally: Try these quick answer questions:    
  • a. favorite music while you're writing: SJ Tucker    
  • b. favorite holiday movie: Hocus Pocus    
  • c. what kind of car do you drive, and what would you like to drive?: I drive an '88 Caprice. Given preference, I'd love a Chevy Volt.   
  • d. an item on your bucket list: Meet JK Rowling    
  • e. favorite after hours drink: Brandy, neat

Ally: Thanks so much for visiting today! Best of luck in your career. Let's take a look at your book before you go...
Book Blurb:

Zirkua Fantastic has been running steadily since 1753, amazing its patrons with acts of otherworldly skill and prowess. But that talent comes at a steep price: each artist must give a year of his or her life to the circus. None of them know why, only that the circus' owners will go to whatever lengths are necessary to ensure it. Toby, the hoop dancer at Zirkua Fantastic
and son of one of the owners, is content with his life: he enjoys performing and Zirkua's wandering life, and even has a boyfriend among the circus' hawkers. But when a new artist arrives, bringing with him a strange flask and a number of odd occurrences, Toby falls face-first into the truth behind the circus: Its contracts bind King Jester, the immortal embodiment of chaos.

Zirkua's performances and contracts have held King Jester prisoner for centuries, but now something's amiss. King Jester's sister, Dragon, has escaped her own bonds and is working to free her brother, and his power is growing. If he is loosed on the world, it will mean the worst war in human history and the end of civilization... unless Zirkua Fantastic can find a way to stop him.

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Thanks for spending time with us!



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