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Halloween used to be...

a big deal in my family. I have memories of my father dressed up as Frankenstein and my mother as Morticia. One Halloween, he was a big spider made from garbage bags and a fur rug. He was so scary, quite a few kids would drop their bags of candy and run away. He would chase after them to give it back. He didn't always catch them, because he was a very big spider:D

When I started writing, I actually began with a holiday-themed romance. Naturally, it was Christmas and centered on the ceramic villages I collected from Department 56. But then my editor at Zumaya said that there are more holidays and was I writing about them, too?

In the space of a heartbeat, I told her I'd write about Halloween. I tied it into the first book by using the ceramic villages and then my mind flooded with possibilities. And I included them all. The mayor of Pumpkin is a vampire. My heroine is a witch. The hero is is the town boogeyman (and not just because he's from the neighboring Christmas village). The gravediggers are zombies. And there's an ambulatory skeleton that creates mischief. And there's a feud between the towns devoted to each holiday.

As you can see, this Halloween story is all about the imagination.

To win a pdf copy of The Christmas Village, leave a comment telling me your favorite all-time costume and I'll select one person who leaves a comment.

Happy Halloween!

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Some Enchanted Autumn book blurb:

Autumn leaves aren't the only things stirring in Pumpkin this Halloween.

Avalon Lynch worked hard to escape the tarnish of her witching heritage. Everything she's ever wanted is within her grasp until a visit home and a mishap with a skeleton binds her to an offspring of the Dugan, Pumpkin's equivalent of the Bogeyman.

Nicholas Dugan loves autumn--the changing leaves, the ripening harvest and the tricks played on their neighboring town. He's content to watch the Halloween fun until a sinister prank reveals his family's dark past and their cursed future.

Bound by their devotion to their family, Lonnie and Nick search for a mysterious prankster before his malicious tricks destroy both their futures.



She stepped into her boots. Their buckles slapped worn leather as she circled the trunk.

"I hope you got ID, buddy."

The throaty growl stirred the hair on her arms. What was so appealing about a deep baritone? Sure, that velvet rasp was a real asset for phone sex operators and jazz singers but put it on a priest, a teacher or a doctor...

Lonnie stopped as her heart picked up tempo. Orren Prior was a doctor. A doctor with a normal male voice. A doctor with good looks, old money and an older family name. With those assets, he didn't need a voice like liquid chocolate. And he certainly didn't need her.

So why had he asked her to marry him?

"And wipe that grin off your face." The sinful voice truncated her speculation. Bones rattled like chips in a soothsayer's cup as he shook his attacker. "Assaulting a peace officer is a serious offense."

Lonnie palmed her giggle. Not many men would have a sense of humor after being knocked unconscious by a skeleton. Unconscious? Brain trauma. Concussion. What other horrible repercussions could result from the skeletal walloping?

"Are you all right?"

Startled, the man bounced on the ground. After stuffing the skeleton behind his back, he turned to face her. Cobalt blue eyes flicked over her with the precision of a laser.

"I just had the wind knocked out of me. Have you been standing there long?"

"Don't worry." Lonnie resisted the urge to squirm. She hadn't done anything wrong, precisely. Old Reidon plunging on top the man's curly brown head was an accident. "I won't tell anyone you were consorting with a skeleton."

White teeth flashed in his tanned face. He settled the skeleton next to him and wrapped his arm around the bony shoulders. "Alas, she's not my type. I prefer someone with a little more meat on her bones."

Interest flared in the blue depths.

Lonnie clasped her hands together. She was practically an engaged woman, would be engaged if she had answered Orren. And she wasn't flirting. She was simply sharing a laugh over the absurd situation.

"I believe weight to be the least of your problems." She squatted before him. Evenly dilated pupils focused clearly on her lips. She could probably rule out a concussion. A wisp of

Old Spice aftershave teased her. Her nose twitched. The clean scent hinted at subtle layers waiting to be discovered. She should keep him under observation, maybe even overnight observation. Just in case.

"You willing to share my problems with me, honey?" The right corner of his mouth lifted, propping up the dimple in his cheek.

Honey. Chocolate. Rich, decadent and forbidden to anyone on a diet or almost engaged. Regret swung across her shoulders as she pulled back. If only she'd given Orren an answer before she left. A no would have allowed her to flirt with Mr. Sinful and a yes...

She stuffed away the useless thoughts. "Old Reidon is definitely a man, not a woman."

"How can you tell?" Brown eyebrows met over his aquiline nose. "I mean without the obvious, er..." Embarrassment darkened his cheeks.

"The obvious?" Amusement trickled through her. Such chagrin over the simple mention of body parts. Her gaze flicked over him. Not that his weren't a fine example of his gender. Broad-shouldered and narrow-hipped. Waves of muscle played over bones. A fine example of manhood, indeed.

He cleared his throat and stared over her shoulder. "The obvious plumbing facilities still intact."

"His pelvis." Her gaze dropped. Gurgling goo, his zipper was going to pop. She forced her attention back to his face. "A man's and a woman's pelvis are different."

His gaze slid down her shoulder to linger over the area in question. Desire cast heat across her flesh. This was no clinical observation; this was her treacherous body layering innuendo onto a scientific explanation.

"A woman's hips are wider, flared to cradle a baby and ... and a man."

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Happy Halloween!



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