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Good Morning, booklovers!

Our guest for today's Coffee Chat is unavailable, but since you're already here, I thought we'd play a quick word game. Grab your coffee or tea or whatever beverage is your preference, and put on your thinking cap...

What's a six letter word for a person who writes a book? No proper names please. That's called cheating. :)
Ready, set, go...





Okay, I have seven.
                                                          Author, writer, teller, reader, editor, scribe, critic.

How'd you do? Did you discover more? If so, tell us about them in the comments.

So, what's the point, you ask? I'm not sure there is one. :) But look at my list and how closely it reflects the many hats an author wears in producing a single book.

We don't just put words on paper like a scribe. We tell a story, then critique it, revise, rewrite, and edit long before it get into the hands of another professional. Yet it all comes back to that fourth word: reader. We all began as readers of someone else's work, and every author I know is still an avid reader today.

There is a National Reading Day, a World Reading Day, a Read Across America Day, and probably many more in the US and other countries too numerous to mention here. But everyday should be a worldwide reading day. Ray Bradbury said it best,  "There are worst things than burning books. One of them is not reading them."

When you leave this blog, do yourself a favor - find a good book. Any genre that appeals to you, any author—maybe try a new one—and enjoy the journey through a world the author created just for you. You'll have a wonderful time...and I guarantee it will make your day!



11/12/2014 5:19am

Geesh. Being an over-writer, I can't come up with more six letter words.

But you hit the many hats a writer wears! It's a gift to read a wonderfully told book. A painstaking art that is so much more than jotting down thoughts.
Thank you for the thoughtful, post. I'm back to writing now.

11/12/2014 8:01pm

Thanks, Kath! Nice to see you on the blog. :)

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