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Grab your coffee mugs and pull up a chair! We're ready for another author chat. I'd like to welcome paranormal/fantasy writer N.N. Light.

May I pour you something to drink?

Mrs.N: I don’t drink coffee much but my hot drink of choice is hot chocolate with a dash of whipped cream.

Ally: Coming right up. In the meantime, tell readers a little about yourself.


Author Bio:

N. N. Light was born in Minnesota, lived in Southern California only to move to chilly Ontario, Canada to marry her beloved husband MR N. She is blissfully happy and loves all things chocolate, books, music, movies, art, sports and baking. Most of the time you can find her on Twitter or getting new ideas on how to spread the Light on Pinterest.

Part of the proceeds of Princess of the Light will go directly to food banks in order to feed the hungry and help those in need. With only 7,500 books sold, N. N. Light will be able to set up a monthly endowment for the local food bank.

Something unique that isn't in my normal bio: Hmm.
My senior year of high school, I went to France for two weeks and it shaped me into the woman I am today.

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Ally:  Tell us about the fictional world you've created and the beings that inhabit it.

Mrs.N:  Princess of the Light is the story of Mary, a woman in her twenties, destined to battle the demons, restore the balance and flood the world with Light.  She receives a visitation from Gabriel, the Archangel, and he reveals she is the Princess of the Light.  She carries the Light and she is God’s Warrior Princess.  She is skeptical at first but with Gabriel’s help, she soon starts to believe it.

At the moment of her calling, she meets her soulmate and future husband, Joe, and they fall madly in love.  Mary knows she loves Joe but can she trust him with her secret?

Gabriel reveals that her first assignment is restore the soul of a homeless man who the town knows as the Walking Man, who keeps to himself.  Mary follows him and runs into the demon, Than and Lisbeth, his second in command.

Lisbeth is a greedy self-centered demon who wants to usurp Than and become Lucifer’s second in command.  The only way she can do it is to kill the Princess

Ally:   Describe your writing process. When and where do you write?

Mrs.N:  When I first started writing, I was a total pantser. I would sit in front of the computer and just write. Through writing Princess of the Light, I discovered the benefits of plotting and planning. So now, I consider myself a hybrid plotter.  I have a loose outline and detailed character arcs but allow myself the freedom to waver from the outline. I love free-writing and I get a lot of my best ideas when I let my mind go. The positive of having a plot outline for me is the ability to stay on track. Sometimes I can go off on a tangent and then forget my point.

My writing process is one, oddly enough, of structure. I’m not a structured person by nature and those who know me are surprised I’m so organized. I write every day (Monday through Friday) between the hours of 1-5 pm. I put on some music, either classical or Pink Floyd and get comfortable. I drink water from the same purple cup with matching straw. I have a writing mascot (cute teddy bear figurine my husband gave me in 2012) and I rub his head for good luck.

Ally:  How often do you find time to read? What type of books?

Mrs.N:  I love to read and I try to sneak in at least thirty minutes a day. My life is so packed with activities and things that need to be done so taking a few minutes to read a book is my salvation. A trick I learned is to leave the book I’m reading in the bathroom. I’m in there several times a day and it relaxes me.

My tastes in books are varied. I love everything from genre fiction to non-fiction. I absolutely adore paranormal romance, mysteries, suspense, romance, historical romance and fantasy. As a reader, I want to be whisked away on an adventure. Ultimately, when a book is great, I’m connected with the characters and I don’t want the book to end.

Ally:  What's your favorite social media? How much time does it take? Do you use it for marketing?

Mrs.N:  I’ve been on Twitter since 2011 and it’s so much fun! It’s like an international social club and I have met many wonderful people through Twitter. Unlike Facebook, it’s about connecting and interacting with people. I’m a professional marketer and Twitter can be an invaluable tool for authors and writers. The secret to effective book marketing on Twitter is enticing people to want to read more about your book. You have to be creative with words on Twitter and that’s part of the fun for me. I recommend Twitter to all of my author friends.

Ally: Let's try a few quick answer questions:

     a. a person who inspires you:  MR N
     b. walk on the beach or hike the mountains:  walk on the beach (love affair with the water)
     c. favorite feel good movie:  Love Actually
     d. an item on your bucket list:  Christmas in Banff
     e. last memorable book you read:  Dracula My Love by Syrie James

Ally:  Thanks for visiting us today. Please show us your book before you rush off to your busy life.

I'd love to do that. Thank you for having me here on the Coffee Chat. You're such a terrific hostess and the hot chocolate is delicious!
Ally:  My pleasure.


Gabriel, the Archangel and Messenger of God - yeah that Gabriel, visited Mary Miller. He told her, as the key she is destined to spread the Light and vanquish the Darkness. Her first assignment is to restore the soul of the Walking Man. Sounds simple enough until she’s thrown in the face of evil, and then Joe Deacons enters her heart. This battle just got a lot more complicated. She must complete her mission without losing all she loves.

(Book Cover Graphic Artist Credit: Illustration: streamy digital; Model: VictoriaAndrea; photo: shutterstock/depositphoto)

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11/05/2014 7:23am

Thank you, Ally, for having me on your blog today! I had fun and the hot chocolate was divine! :)

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