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Good Morning, Booklovers!

I'm happy to welcome a new to me author this morning, Kathryn Jane, with her recent release, Voices, a
romantic paranormal suspense novel.

May I pour you a cup of coffee?

KATHRYN:  I used to love coffee ice cold with lots of milk and a dash of chocolate… Now, due to allergies, I drink water laced with Jell-O, (think Kool-Aid on steroids). Unique. Well there’s that allergy thing. I live on a bizarre diet of white. The only naturally colored food I can eat is Zucchini.

Ally: What a difficult allergy to have.  I don't think I've been asked for that particular drink before, but my magic pot can do anything. :) We'll have something conjured up in a second. In the meantime, please go ahead and show readers your bio.

About the Author:

Award winning author Kathryn Jane loves to write about kickass women who laugh as hard as they cry, love good sweaty sex, don’t understand the appeal of perfection and can get themselves out of trouble, thank you very much. Then of course there’s the sexy, often baffled men who dare to love them.

Addicted to the ocean and the color turquoise, Kathryn lives on the west coast of Canada with two obnoxious cats, a faithful mutt, and the man of her dreams.

Contact links:

Ally: I'd love to hear a little bit about your writing: genre, number of books.

When I sat down to write my first book, it was going to be a mystery. But a romance showed up.  All my books since then have been mystery/romance/suspense/adventure. Or as I like to call them, Romantic Suspense with a side order of psychic abilities.
VOICES is the seventh book I’ve written, but the fourth to be published. The other three are still works in progress J

 Ally: Tell us about the protagonist of Voices. What are her best and worst qualities?

KATHRYN:  Rachel is extremely caring and will stick her neck out for other people and for animals, but growing up in a state of constant uncertainty she doesn’t trust anyone completely—not even the man she fell desperately in love with. After running out on her marriage and vanishing for what she thought were noble reasons, she’s forced to go back to Quinn when she becomes overwhelmed by the Voices.

Ally:  Do you believe that real supernatural events happen? Have you experienced any?

KATHRYN:  Yes, I believe. I've experienced lots of things, not that I'd call them events. One of my favorites was a visit from a friend who'd died in a plane crash. She came to me in a dream, gave me a huge hug, then said she couldn't stay. She had to leave, but she needed me to get on with publishing my book—she'd read the manuscript only days before her death and loved it. I haven't published that one yet, but I dedicated the first one I did publish to my friend Anne. 

Ally:  What makes your hero appealing?

He's the glue that holds his family and his clients together. He can fix all the relationships but his own. He knows how to forgive.

Ally:  a few quick answer questions.
  • Do soul mates exist?   Yes
  • favorite type of jewelry:   anything with gold and diamonds or turquoise or aquamarine or…
  • favorite comfort food:  used to be tomato soup and grilled cheese in my head, now it’s toast :)
  • your last vacation destination: San Antonio, Texas
  • an item on your bucket list:  To visit my heritage, Scotland and the East Coast of Canada

Ally: Thank you for visiting the blog, Kathryn. Please come back again! Before you go, we'd love to know more about your book, especially where to find it! :)

Book Blurb:

She’s desperate to stop a killer…. 

Rachel Meyers has been on the run long enough—hiding from more than just death. But now the murders happening around her are forcing her to take a stand and the only person she can trust to help is the man she ran away from. Her husband.

He’s desperate to have his wife back….

Quinn Meyers has spent two years searching for Rachel. Now she’s back, scared and asking for help. But Quinn wants answers. Helping her is a given, he won’t say no, but he also won’t let her go again. Not without a fight.

Desperate love…

Quinn’s body still aches for Rachel, even though he’s guarded his heart since the day she left. Her continued secrecy is tearing apart any hope of saving their marriage. But more than love is at stake if Quinn and Rachel can’t find the killer.

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