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Welcome to Letter B of the A-Z Blog Challenge.
My theme is Creatures of Paranormal Fiction, and I will post twenty-six new creatures, one every day except Sundays (you can scroll down to see A). I hope you'll join me and comment on any creatures you would add for each day. Just look for the blue button or blog hops in the side bar.
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B is for Bogeyman.

The bogeyman is an imaginary evil being who hides under the bed or in the closet and frightens children into good behavior. He has also appeared in fantasy and crime fiction as a nebulous antagonist, and the label has been applied to especially brutal unknown killers. Since no one has actually seen the bogeyman, this pictorial representation is as good as any.

To read 15 different concepts of the bogeyman around the world, follow this link:  

B is also for Banshee, a female omen of death. She warns those she loves with a soft, gentle song, but gives a piercing demonic wail to gloat over the death of her enemies. The banshee is a figure from Irish/Scottish legends.
Check out this list of recent banshee books fantasy fiction:


04/02/2015 5:30am

Scary day. I was sure there was a Bogeyman in the bathroom mirror when I was a child. And the old Disney TV movie about Banshees scared the sleep out of me as a child!

04/03/2015 9:02am

Bathroom mirror? That must have made washing your hands a traumatic event. :)

04/03/2015 1:21am

The superstitious Mama tried to keep me in line a lot with the bogeyman when I was a kid. It didn't work all the time. lol
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04/03/2015 8:59am

Kids are so resilient. Sometimes were more intrigued than scared by the monsters. :)

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