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Welcome to Letter D of the A-Z Blog Challenge.
My theme is Creatures in Paranormal Fiction.
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D is for Dragon.

Dragons are large, reptilian-like creatures who often breathe fire and fly by using bat-style wings. Traditionally they lived in caves, terrorized the countryside, and could only be killed by a sword forged with dragon blood.

I've always loved stories with dragons and never viewed them as monsters to be slain. In my mind they were beautiful, magnificent creatures to be admired from a distance. I never dreamed writers would create romantic, even tender stories, with dragons as the heroes. My first dragon shapeshifter romance was a definite surprise...but I love it!

Here's a Goodreads list you might check out: My favorite dragon author is Katie MacAlister.

If you prefer to go dark, D is for Demon. This link will take you to some of the traditional demons: But even these creatures from hell have been romanticized. This Goodreads list will get you started in the YA version of this genre:

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04/04/2015 6:19am

I vote with you. I see dragons as magical in a good way.

04/04/2015 8:15pm

i love dragons too! the dragons in my series are intelligent and diplomatic. magnificent creatures! happy d day!

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