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Welcome to Letter F of the A-Z Blog Challenge.
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F is for Familiar.

A familiar is a supernatural entity that first appeared in medieval folklore and more recently in pagan lore. It was thought to assist a witch or sorcerer. Familiars are frequently depicted as cats, especially black cats, with uncanny abilities to serve their chosen witch or warlock. In spite of their side-kick roles, these beings are not subservient and are rarely controlled by anyone.

For a list of some famous witch's cats in movies and literature, check out this link: If you'd like to read more about the history of familiars, try this website:

F is also for fairy, a tiny supernatural being in fairytales and folk lore. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. In this picture you can compare the size between an fairy (a Tinkerbell-like creature) and an elf, as they were often portrayed in children's fairytales.



04/07/2015 5:51am

My cat, who is a dead ringer for your photo, particularly likes the fact that familiars, cats, are not subservient and not controllable. And it's giving me an idea ...

04/07/2015 9:21pm

I've read some of this before as I'm interested in this kind of stuff. It's still good to read again.

I love black cats and have had two of them so far. I also love fairies and collect them.


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