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Welcome to Day Letter K of the A-Z Blog Challenge.

My theme is Creatures in Paranormal Fiction.
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K is for Kitsune:

The kitsune, which derives from Japanese mythology, is a shapeshifter usually taking the form of a fox. There are two types of kitsune: the good, almost angelic companion, and the trickster, always mischievous, sometimes malicious. This supernatural being is not immortal, but it is extremely hard to kill. Its power resides in its tail, but since the original kitsune had nine tails, all nine would have to be cut off to ensure death. (It would take a very persistent hunter!)

For more of the kitsune history, check out this article:

For books on the modern, romanticized version of a kitsune, check out this list:

K is also for Kraken, a giant squid from the Norwegian Sea. This monster has appeared in numerous horror movies.

 And K is for Kelpie, a water horse in Scottish folklore. I've read at least one paranormal book with a Kelpie as a major character, but can't remember the title or author. Can anyone help me out by posting the title in the comments?

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04/13/2015 2:36pm

I think the trickster kitsune steal the golf balls out of the rough across the street, because we find them in the hill behind the golf course. For later play?

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