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Welcome to Letter R of the A-Z Blog Challenge.

My theme is Creatures in Paranormal Fiction.
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R is for Reaper.

 A reaper is someone who harvests. In the monster or supernatural creature world, the grim reaper aka reaper is a gruesome being who harvests human souls.

Stories of the grim reaper as the scythe-bearing image we've all seen date back to at least the 1800s, but as early as the 1500s, folklore placed a face on death.
Perhaps any image was better than none and was born from an attempt to minimize their natural fears of the unknown.
For an extensive article on this grim subject, check out this website:

There's no end to the imagination of writers. Even the reaper has made it into popular fiction in a romanticized version:



04/21/2015 11:11am

There's no end to the imagination of writers)

04/21/2015 2:31pm

Very true! :)

04/21/2015 11:44am

Oooh. Scary. And fascinating.
It seems a new concept. So I wonder how it links to religion and the concept of souls. Hmmm.

04/21/2015 2:32pm

Since the reaper is reported to lead them to the afterlife, it would depend on your religious beliefs regarding what existence a soul has after death.

04/26/2015 1:17pm

The personification of death is also a favorite. Death takes a holiday and a short story by Anne Stuart in Strangers in the night.

Scrolled your list. The pic of the elf was very nice indeed.

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