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Welcome to Letter S of the A-Z Blog Challenge.

My theme is Creatures in Paranormal Fiction.
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S is for Shifter aka Shapeshifter.

Shapeshifters are creatures in folklore and fantasy fiction who can transform into another being or occasionally an object. The most common shifter in current fiction is the werewolf, but other popular forms are werecats (panthers, lions, tigers). The variety seems to be limited only by the imaginations of authors and filmmakers. Snakes, rats, bears, dragons have all been written. I haven't yet seen an elephant, but that could be next year's big rage. :)

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04/22/2015 3:07am

If I could be a shape shifter, I would choose to be an adorable puppy or kitten.

04/22/2015 10:04am

I might choose to be a wild horse running free.

04/22/2015 5:21am

I might be a cat. My cat gets away with being snarky and dismissive, and he still gets spoiled. Pretty sweet.

04/22/2015 10:05am

Or how about a beautiful unicorn?

04/22/2015 7:31pm

Yeah, I'd like to see an elephant shifter! I've yet to see a shape shifter who can 'shift' into another human. Well, except for Bran in 'GoT' of course.

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