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Welcome to Letter V of the A-Z Blog Challenge.

My theme is Creatures in Paranormal Fiction.
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V is for Vampire.

I doubt if the vampire needs any introduction. These undead beings who subsist on human blood have grown in popular fiction since the early 1800s and more recently have achieved a significant place in movies and television. In early folklore the vampire was always an evil being to be feared and avoided. The last two centuries have seen an emergence of vampires as more humanistic creatures with incredible powers and the ability to be either good or evil. They have so caught the public imagination they've inspired thousands of popular books and films with a huge fan audience. While vampires are generally considered to be fictional, there are groups dedicated to vampirism and who claim they are real vampires.

If you're interested in fictional vampire heroes, this is the list for you:

For more history on vampires, check out this Wikipedia article:

Need yet more vampire? Check out this web search for vampires photos: Vampire images.

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04/25/2015 4:38am

And then there is Andreas from your Guardian Witch series. For me the all time sexiest vampire of all. Not in the least because he may exist on heart blood, but he loves Ari with all his heart.

04/25/2015 11:11am

Aw, thank you. I'm rather biased when it comes to Andreas. :)

04/25/2015 10:23am

I love pretty vampires like the one in your photo. They always have such lovely white teeth.

04/25/2015 11:09am

Lol. The better to bite you with, my dear...

04/26/2015 1:05pm

Vampires are one of my favorite pn critters! If it has vamps, I will read or watch it.

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