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Welcome to our Wednesday book chat!

I have a new Etopia Press author visiting today. Welcome, Laurie, um, I mean Liah Penn. :) May I pour you something to drink?

I'm not a coffee drinker but I love a good cup of English Breakfast tea with sugar and milk.

Ally:  No problem. My magic pot can produce anything. :) While I pour, please tell readers something about yourself.


Liah Penn is an author and attorney who resides with her husband and two sons just outside of New Orleans, LA.  A former prosecutor, she has practiced law on an Indian reservation, on the Mexican border, and in a small Louisiana town.  A former baseball coach, she is also an accomplished visual artist and potter.  Although she lives in Louisiana, she is a die-hard Red Sox fan having watched many games from the bleacher seats at Fenway.

And something unique about myself: I saw my first dead body when I was ten, a woman who had drowned by Martha's Vineyard. (Ally comment: No wonder you write mysteries!)


Ally:  I'm always interest in why authors write what they do. Why did you choose a mystery as the framework for your story?

I love the challenge of a mystery, and having the romance revolve around danger and action makes the romance so much more intense and palpable. 

Ally:  Tells us something about your two main characters. What would make them a good couple and what works against that?

Ina and Sam are both damaged physically.  Ina was abandoned as an infant due to her defective hand, and her adoptive parents died when she was young.  She is intelligent but wary of others.  She must learn to trust Sam, even though he has a defect, as well.  Sam is a rookie detective, so he must also learn to trust Ina's instinct.  They are partners so they must also keep their blooming relationship a secret from their supervisor.

Ally:  How did you learn your book would be published? What was your immediate reaction? Who did you tell first?

I received a lovely email from Annie Melton at Etopia Press.  I was so excited I called my husband and my parents and couldn't wait to tell my children.

Ally:  Do you have a new work in progress?

I am almost done with "Pure Justice" which is the second in the series involving Ina Stone and Sam Fujimoto.  At the end of "Pure Death" there is a bit of a cliffhanger, and that element plays a big part in book 2.

Ally:  I love quick answer questions. Let's try a few.
  • a. favorite accessory:  I love long necklaces.
  • b. Do you have a hobby? I paint, mostly abstracts or landscapes.
  • c. Name a book you wish you'd written: To Kill A Mockingbird
  • d. What are two of your favorite foods?  Tuna salad and chocolate chip cookies.
  • e. What would be your dream vacation?  I would love to go to Australia.

Ally: I've enjoyed getting to know you, Liah, but it's time for us to hear more about your book...

PURE DEATH (An Ina Stone and Sam Fujimoto Mystery)

An Impure world, a perfect murder...

A murdered society debutante, her body sprinkled with 89 Costa Rican butterflies. A headless, gutted corpse washed up on shore with a beautiful, dead teenager. The case is anything but straightforward, and in an uncertain future, where resources are limited and the genetically defective are banished to a ghetto territory for Impures, Chief Detective Ina Stone and her partner, rookie detective Sam Fujimoto, must cross into Pure Territory to find a killer. An Impure herself, Ina must overcome her defect. And when her life is threatened, she must learn to rely on Sam, whose interest in her seems more than just professional.

Yet the Pures may have created a world in which even they don't want to live anymore. Resources have become too scarce to hide, and a black market for medicine comes to light. When a third murder is discovered, Ina and Sam know there's a connection. With too many suspects and not enough time, they must find that connection before the killer strikes again.

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Thanks for stopping. Come back soon for another author chat!



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