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Twitter Hashtags for Readers & Writers

What a powerful little symbol the hashtag is!!

Two years ago I didn't know what it was. Now I use hashtags several times a day. Writers use them to reach particular types of readers, and readers can quickly locate the types of books they like. I put the following list together, because I wish I'd had it back when I first became active on Twitter.

If you are a writer wanting to target a specific audience or a reader/user looking for information on one type of book, try using hashtags-- include them in your tweets or put them in the search box to find areas of interest.

  • If you are a writer, you want to interact with as many readers as possible, more than the few hundred or even few thousand followers you have. You can do that by including the appropriate hashtags right after the link in your next tweet. 

Example: You want to share a fantastic review your book received. It might read something like this:

Check out this great #book review of MURDER AMONG THE PETUNIAS! #mystery #gardeners #review

Anyone searching Twitter for mystery, gardeners or reviews will find your tweet whether they normally follow you or not. You also might notice I put a hashtag before the word "book" in the middle of the tweet. That insures that book readers will also see this tweet. Hashtags bring your information to people interested in what you have to say and may gain new regular followers. It can also extend the number of people who see your tweet by thousands, depending on the hashtag you use.

  • But how to readers find these tweets? Twitter's search feature. Put in any search word with a hashtag in front of it, like #romance, and you will see a list of tweets identified by that hashtag.

While any word can be used with a hashtag, there are certain words that are accepted and popular throughout the twitterverse.

Here is a list of some of the most used hashtags among fiction book readers and writers:


any genre or sub-genre: #romance, #mystery, #thriller, #paranormal or #PNR (paranormal romance), #scifi, #YA, #MG, #NA, #erotic, western, Christian, etc.

Also of general interest:

#FF   follow friday
#WW   Words Wednesday

To reach writers:


To reach readers:

#BYNR  (Be Your Next Read)

There are hundreds of hashtags, with more appearing every day. If you'd like more information before deciding which ones you should use or what time of day is best, there are sites that will give you in-depth information, such as

If I have missed some of your favorite hashtags, I hope you'll add them in the comments!



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