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I recently sat down with the lively Esty Ryndel to talk about her big sister Kam, the main character in the Elvenrude series. (I asked about her own part in the coming series finale, Cross Keys: Unity, but without much success). Anyway, let me introduce her.

Estelle Ryndel is the twenty-three year old sister of Kameo and the younger by five years. She presents herself as a more traditional elven woman. Since elves have a longer life span (up to two hundred years), they mature later than humans.
Female fertility peaks from thirty to eighty, and Esty would be considered just emerging from her adolescent years.
She is an Elite elf, a member of Elvenrude's aristocracy, with the black hair and blue eyes that identifies her Ryndel clan. Her fine features are the mirror image of her sister's, except Esty has a dimple.
Esty lives with her parents, Meotta and Sawyer Ryndel, and occupies much of her time with lady-like pursuits: trips to The Bookstore and needlework, but she's developing a more independent streak and very much admires the adventurous life Kam lives as a member of the King's Guard.
Esty has occasionally dated Rhyden Lormarc, the cousin of Kam's boyfriend, Seth, but she's had several bfs in the last year.

Ally: Thanks for sitting down with me, Esty. Aren't you afraid Kam will get you for doing this?

Esty (gives me a mischievous look): She's out of town, and I'm betting she doesn't read your blog.

Ally (sighs): You're probably right about that. So let's see, where to begin... What's the worst thing Kam ever did to you growing up?

Esty: Oh, gee. It's hard to choose. Maybe when I was seven and she tied my pigtails around a branch up in a tree.

Ally: And left you there? What had you done to deserve that?

Esty: I told Mother that Titus Baeker had kissed her.

Ally: Was that her first boyfriend?

Esty (giggles): Nope. She didn't like it. She screeched and kicked him. It was pretty funny!

Ally: What's one favorite memory of the two of you?

Esty: I cut up one of Mother's favorite quilts as bedding for a pet rabbit. Kam took the blame and didn't get scones for a week. I wanted to tell the truth, but Kam said there was no sense in us both getting punished.

Ally: That's a nice sisterly memory.

Esty: Yeah, but maybe not as nice as the nights we talked late into the night when we were supposed to be sleeping. And she included me a lot in trips to the market and The Bookstore. We were always close. (she grins) Except when we were fighting.

Ally: Why do you think she joined the Guard? It isn't what most elven women do.

Esty: It didn't surprise me. She was always into something different and never worried about whether it was proper or not. She's not big on rules—at least not for herself. She expects me to follow them all.

Ally: Is it hard to live up to her expectations?

Esty: Sometimes, but there's a lot Kam doesn't know.

Ally: Oh, really? Care to share?

Esty: Not on your life. This interview's about her, not me.

Ally:  What do you think of her boyfriend, Seth?

Esty: A great guy and perfect for her. I liked Caleb too but he never understood her like Seth does. I'm glad Caleb found someone else.

Ally: Sometimes Kam pulls back from her relationship with Seth. Do you think they'll end up together?

Esty: Are you kidding? Seth's got her number. I'm betting on him.

Ally:  Speaking of the Lormarcs, what's going to happen between you and Rhyden?

Esty: (smiles sweetly so that her dimple shows) If anyone really wants to know, they'll have to read the next book.

Ally (laughs): I guess now you've gotten the plug in, we should wind this up so I can finish writing that final book. I hope we can chat again sometime.

Esty: You bet. Next time I'll talk about the really juicy stuff. (She gives me a saucy grin, flips her hair over her shoulder, and bounces out the door.)

The Elvenrude Trilogy

Cross Keys (published 2014)
Cross Keys: Revelation (published 2015)
Cross Keys: Unity (coming soon)

Available at most online bookstores, including Amazon



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