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It's been a busy holiday season! In addition to releasing Cross Keys: Unity on Christmas Day and visiting with friends and family, I've chatted with the Guardian Witch characters in Olde Town (Riverdale) and with the elves in Elvenrude about New Year's Resolutions. Some of them shared their own wishes/goals for 2016!

Olde Town (Guardian Witch series):

Arianna: Other than trying to keep Rayne from inadvertently burning the house down? :) I recently went through my family trunk and found a photo of my parents on their boat. It got me to wondering exactly what happened to them. I've been thinking about looking into that...

Andreas: Plans are already drawn for a hotel in Olde Town that caters to Otherworld clientele. Building and managing it will be a new challenge for me.

Ryan: Definitely a larger home. Claris tells me our family is growing again. :)

Gabriel: An extended trip to London is top on my list. And I need a new girlfriend. Maybe it's time to get serious this time.

Elvenrude (Cross Keys series):

Kam: I'm loving the security business. Since we can pick and choose our jobs, Seth and I almost always have joint assignments. It gives us a chance to explore the world together. I can't think of a thing I'd change right now!

Seth: Don't tell Kam I said this, but I'm hoping a child is in our future. Maybe not this year, but in the next two or three.

Rhyden: I've been working with King Trystan to set up guilds in Cyrilia. I hope to have them well-established before the end of next year. Oh, and getting married, of course.

Esty: The wedding. Next December 18! Mother and I have already chosen the silk for my dress.

And my own:

To keep writing. I hope to introduce new characters, Maggie and Josh, in another paranormal series. And maybe this is the year I'll do something with the thrillers! :)

Whatever your specific goals and resolutions, we wish you and yours a terrific and successful 2016, filled with many wonderful books.  Happy New Year!




12/31/2015 5:01am

How wonderful! Love the resolutions. But I'm especially excited at the prospect of a new series!!!

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