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C is for Centaur.

The centaurs are creatures from Greek mythology with the head and torso of a man and the body of a horse. Most of them were wild and barbaric, noted for their drunkenness and debauchery. They are self-serving and do not hesitate to kill anyone who stands between them and their objectives.

A notable exception to this savage behavior was Chiron, the only centaur granted immortality for his goodness and wisdom.

Like most mythological creatures, centaurs have appeared as characters, even heroes, in modern fantasy literature.
Check out this Goodreads list of 38 centaur books:

C could easily have been for Cat Woman or cat shifters or even corpses. Or maybe for changelings. In folklore these creepy creatures were the unwanted offspring of evil fairies or gnomes who were left in the place of more desirable, human children. The changelings often killed the host families because they fed on human flesh.
Not so today. Here's a starter list for current books with changelings:



04/03/2015 7:14pm

I'm enjoying your posts. I had a dream about a centaur the other night. I think that's a first.

I didn't know that info about changelings. Wow--that's creepy. I'd love to read some stories about those kind of changelings, not the ones that are so popular right now (although I enjoy those too).

04/03/2015 9:24pm

I'm glad you're enjoying the posts. I learned a lot doing the research for these. Many of the creatures we read as main characters today started out as pretty awful monsters in folklore. :) I agree - the changelings in legend are very creepy.

04/04/2015 6:21am

Another fascinating post. Thank you for the reading links!

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