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Welcome to Letter I of the A-Z Blog Challenge.

My theme is Creatures in Paranormal Fiction.
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I is for Imp:

An imp is a tiny creature from folklore and children's stories who plays harmful or mischievous tricks. It is similar to, although considerably smaller than, a goblin.

A darker rendering of this creature, labeling it a "spawn of the devil," can be found here:

I haven't run into any books where imps were the heroes or heroines (if you have, please comment below), but a more common version is in the role of a familiar to a more powerful being, sometimes even to those who wield their magic on the side of good and in noble causes.

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04/10/2015 9:11am

This particular imp doesn't look so troublesome. He looks sorta fun!

He reminds me of my little brother, a bit mischievous.

<a href=''>Bushman</a>
<a href=''>2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador</a>
<a href=''>@jwb81074</a>

04/10/2015 10:31am

I thought he was a nice break after yesterday's hell hound! :)

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