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Welcome to Letter M of the A-Z Blog Challenge.

My theme is Creatures in Paranormal Fiction.
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M is for Mermaids.

These mythological creatures have the upper body of a human female and the tail of a fish. They reside in oceans, lakes and rivers and have appeared in the legends of various cultures. Mermaids are alleged to interact with human males by luring them to their deaths at sea or causing them to fall hopelessly in love.

The mermaid has been a favorite in fairy tales (The Little Mermaid), children's books and film. More recently mermaids and mermen have gained a following in popular romantic fiction:
M is also for Muse. The original muses were Greek goddesses (somewhere between three and nine in number) who were sources of knowledge and inspiration for art, science, and literature. The title of muse has become synonymous for anyone or anything which inspires a writer or other artist to improve their craft.



04/15/2015 11:35am

I've a friend whose daughter wants to be a professional mermaid. This weekend I got to see the tale she made--took a monofin (?) and using wet-suit material, created the base of the tale. She then covered the whole things with some kind of sparkly rubber, using chicken wire to make the scale pattern. It was really well-done, and I probably butchered the instructions, LOL.

04/15/2015 12:39pm

Wow. How creative! I'm impressed. :)

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