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Welcome to Letter T of the A-Z Blog Challenge.

My theme is Creatures in Paranormal Fiction.
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T is for Troll.

Trolls come in all sizes and shapes, from the huge lumbering giants of Norse mythology to cute gnome-like creatures with colorful fuzzy hair. The only thing consistent about trolls is their persistence in folklore. Originally they were indifferent or hostile to humans. That image has not completely disappeared, but other types of trolls have emerged in merchandising, film and fantasy fiction.
In a few books and films they've been portrayed as small mischievous creatures of unpredictable temperament; in others they live in caves or under bridges and for a price will grant wishes or safe passage through their territory.
While occasionally cast as the main characters,  primarily in fantasy and children's literature, they've also been written as friendly sidekicks and loyal friends. The troll may have been the most diverse creature I found.

Popular books that include trolls:



04/23/2015 5:19am

I still have a Kitchen Troll in my kitchen. She sits in a rustic basket overseeing the kitchen. I contribute bark and other natural tidbits to her basket from time to time.

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