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Cl’rnce, laziest dragon at Dr’gon and Wizard Tech, can’t escape his Quest. Time is running out for getting the Whisper Stone to the Dr’gon Council Chamber when a killer knight trees Cl’rnce.

Moire Ain, a runaway girl with a magicks book and a hunger to become a wizard, comes to his rescue.  Armed with her bumbled spells and Cl’rnce’s goal to get back to full time napping, they set off to complete the Quest and save a king.


Cl’rnce Merlin Clan Principus River Dr’gons—or as his twin sister called him, “waste of dr’gon scales”— crumpled the poster in his paw and stared into his school’s main hall. The Dr’gon and Wizard Technological School and Knights Academy students filed past him. None of them looked at him and most gave him a wide berth.

Cl’rnce didn’t care. He had plans. “ This is war. My sister is going to pay,” Cl’rnce whispered, too low for any of the other students to hear.

Hazel was one snarky sister, and it was over-the- top mean of her to make and hang that poster. He un-crumpled it and read it again:

Fair Warning. Cl’rnce Merlin Clan Principus River Dr’gons has stolen the baby Barforamous from the zoology department. Be on the lookout. Cl’rnce most assuredly plans a messy and smelly practical joke for the annual Students’ Assembly.

Cl’rnce sighed. Hazel was a spoiler. Most of what she wrote was true, except for the part about him having the Barforamous. Bubbles had escaped yesterday during Cl’rnce’s mid-afternoon nap. The smelly little fart-machine creature was probably eating all the stink- weed on the river’s edge and would work his way back to Wiz-Tech all on his own by tomorrow. But that was too late for Cl’rnce’s long-planned prank.

“Being brilliant, and the best practical joker at Wiz- Tech, of course I have a backup plan.” Cl’rnce sniggered.Three hours before, he’d snuck in and set a robe-shrinking spell. It would go off in less than an hour.

He was pretty good at magick, although he kept that a secret. Magick 101 was one of the few classes he didn’t sleep through, but he preferred to preserve his title as school slacker and practical joker. No point in ruining his reputation by letting anyone know how good he was at magick. Besides, as much as he liked magick, it was a lot of work.

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Kirkus Review: "...the story remains amusing throughout. A charmer."



Kath Boyd Marsh, born a fourth generation Californian, roamed the USA and came to stay in the magical BlueGrass of Kentucky. Here she writes in an office filled with dragons. Her debut novel took a mere two decades and a multitude of drafts to find a publisher. But Kath, Cl’rnce Merlin Clan Principus Dr’gons, and Moire Ain would not give up.

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10/01/2016 4:14pm

Thank you for this, Ally!

10/02/2016 12:22pm

It's a cute story, Kath. I hope parents and grandparents put this on their holiday shopping list!

10/17/2016 2:05am

The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard is a wonderful and worth reading novel. I must'll recommend this in my circle.

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